Lv Suhali

  1. for me, I'd go for the Chanel.
  2. Well..the L'Aimable is really tiny..I'd get the Chanel as well.
  3. ^I agree. The L'Aimable is cute but it's rather small and I hear there's problems with the S lock. Now, if you said Le Tal, I would say go for the Le Tal instead of the Chanel! : )
  4. Another Chanel vote here... as cute as the L'Aimable is, the Chanel 2.55 looks a bit more practical.
  5. Chanel on this one
  6. get the chanel. The Laimable is too small
  7. I'd go w/white 2.55 caviar instead, there's a new EW cost around 1.3k w/FLAT silver double chain, very cute!
    can you pls post up a pic of the 2.55 caviar that you mentioned in your posting?
  9. I would not go for chanel. I think suhali line has a slightly more classic feel to it, and I also think it's fresher and cuter.
  10. Yeah i am leaning towards the Suhali because it's classy yet subtle. Mind you, i do own a 2.55 Mademoiselle so i'm not desperate to get a Chanel bag. I dont know whether i should get it in Australia or France though. It cost approx 1800USD in Aus. Do you guys reckon it'll be a lot cheaper in Paris?
  11. ^
    Yes, check out the price on the french webpage, also if you're not a citizen of the EU, you can subtract between 15 - 17% tax I believe from the price listed on the french web.. Suhali l'aimable is 1020 euros ATM WITH tax.

    (which is about 1,660 AUD)
  12. Another vote for Chanel!
  13. It depends on what you want it for. I have both the Chanel 2.55 in black lambskin and I just got the L'aimable in black.

    The L'aimable is perfect for nights out and dinners etc. It actually holds more than I thought it would and because it is made from goatskin it is so durable! I just got back from vacation and I used it a lot for dinners. :heart:

    My Chanel 2.55 hasn't been used but one time because it is also very small. Almost too big for night and too small for day.

    If you're looking for an evening bag go for the LV........if you want a day bag go for the Chanel but I would look at the Reissue 226 or 227.
  14. Chanel