LV Suhali vs. Bottega Venetta

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  1. Hi,

    I recently started the previous thread asking for help in the LV Suhali Le Talenteux color (cause my white one came defected!). Anyways, though I haven't decided on a color, my other option that I had considered (one or the other unfortunately!), is if I should get the cute Bottega Venetta "Ball" Interccciato Nappa Hobo instead (the one that is 10*16*6). If you guys have time, please take a look at in on their "Bottega Venetta", click their "shop online", click "womens handbags", then its the brown one in the bottom left hand corner, though...I want it in black. I saw it in person, its soooo nice and soft! What do you think, the LV suhali (which I liked best in ivory, though I'm definitely not getting that color now!), or the black bottega hobo....see if this link works since I couldn't attach the website's official ( and better) picture.
  2. I really, really love the Bottega. Personally, I don't like LV (sorry to all the LV enthusiasts out there), and I think the Bottega is really classy (not that the LV isn't). I think it would depend on whether you prefer a "tote" or a hobo/shoulder bag, and what you will use the bag for.
  3. I think both bags are classic and very nice. But I would go for the Bottega Veneta -it's gorgeous:nuts:
  4. I agree SuLi! The key is the tote vs. hobo issue
  5. I'm kinda short, you think the Bottega will be too big or funny on me....I'm about 5'4, well, 5'3 and a half rounded up! I think the suhali goat leather is amazing quality, but the bottega woven leather is very soft and classy too!
  6. I am a tote lover but I would love either one! Can't you go for 2???:idea:
  7. I think Suhali is more of a formal bag.. and Bottega is a very casual bag.. They're two different bags... It depends on what kind of bag do you want basically
  8. [SIGH] if only.....that would send me straight to bag heaven!!!
  9. Hmmmm, this is kinda what I was wondering....Suhali is definetly casual to formal I think (can the geranium red one go formal too?....its brighter color in person) ....but what about the Bottega? Is it able to make that transition? I was wondering....on positive points, its black (the one that i want, not the light brown), and woven leather looks classy....but, the bag is a bit bigger.
  10. Definitely the BV! The leather quality is amazing!
  11. Thanks for the replies so far....I don't own a Bottega currently, so will those who know, fill me in on the quality (material...durable? and fading?) of lifespan of the bottegas?

    I think bottega is beautiful, but one of the reasons I like suhali is also its great aging too.
  12. Bottega Vaneta is the ultimate in quality, I have never loved the touch and feel of any other bag as much. I love when they sit on my lap and feel like big leather woven blankets with smooth movement. Really, for a bag lover, it is an experience....they are beautifully crafted and age really well. I actually have way more Louis Vuitton than Bottega Vaneta bags, I love Louis Vuitton for there design and fashion. They have worked more for me with my clothes. The past season's of Bottega Vaneta were too old looking for me on the average, but I love their it's a tough call. Choose the one you will use the most with your wardrobe if it is not a third or fourth bag choice.:P
  13. Can this bottega in black be dressed up at all? any hope?

    hmmm, given my current dilemma, because I like a cute going out bag, and one nice bag causal/going out....another solution I have come up with may be either 1) the suhali bag (which suits both occassions), or 2) the black bottega, and one of the mettalic botkier bags....I just started a new thread on it (please check it out share your opinion!) You are right about bottega is sooo soft, like a soft gentle cloud....I could easily sleep well next to such comfort!
  14. I have to agree with everyone else, the BV quality is THERE :biggrin: I got one relatively recently and I must say its great! The leather is so soft and the lining just feels so great when I stick my hand in it. No regrets.

    I like the Suhali too, but it is a little too structured for my taste and too much hardware to get screwed up. There is around the same amount of hardware on my MC speedy and that bangs around on everything!
  15. I Like LV Suhali & Bottega Venetta. But I love LV more...