LV Suhali Lockit v Chanel 2.55

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  1. Choosing between the 2 bags as my Christmas pressie this year. I have been wanting the Chanel 2.55 for the entire year until I saw the Suhali Lockit in Verone. It totally melted my heart and now, I am in such a dilemma.

    The Chanel is something that I would ultimately get. But I wonder if I should get the Lockit first. Simply because it can be used as a work bag, whereas the Chanel would only be for going out during the weekends. The only thing I am worried about is whether the smooth leather part of the Lockit scratches easily. Can any owners advise me?

    Thanks so much and any comments are appreciated.
  2. I think that you need to get the Lockit in verone.
  3. Chanel 2.55 hands down. It will be a timeless piece that you will be able to use whether you are dressed to go out on the town or going to work.
  4. The Lockit - definately.
  5. the Lockit - I don't know why, but i think the majority of Chanel bags look kind of old. JMHO
  6. i'd chose the chanel 2.55 over lockit any day. you can wear the chanel 2.55 for decades to come (and not just on the wkds!). plus chanel is always price increasing that it is better to buy it sooner than later.
  7. I'd also choose the was your first love. Plus, the prices keep going up so you should get it before they go up again!
  8. I would go for the chanel first, it seems the prices of chanel increase by the minute
  9. I have seen a lockit PM in sienne on let trade that was pretty scratched up. BUT I have the same bag and I dont baby it at all and have never had trouble with scratches. I also have the lockit MM in white and it hasnt scratched either. As long as you dont abuse it you should be fine. Not sure about the verone color as I dont personally own anything in it.
    I am not crazy about Chanel flap bags tho I do own one luxury ligne flap and have never used it. It would seem more justifiable to me to purchase a bag you could use daily for that price. Go with the one that you're the most in love with tho and that would get the most use.
  10. I love Chanel...
  11. Normally I love Chanel more than LV but don't think 2.55 look great on everyone.

    I saw a woman with her 2.55 last week. Her bag is expensive but didn't look good on her at all.

    I prefer Suhalai Lockit more. I wanna have one too but it's a bit expensive.

    PS: I never be a classic flap fan although I want a Jumbo flap (lol).
  12. chanel
  13. if you want a bag that you van also bring to work, how about a chanel jumbo flap?
    i love that one, gorgeous, can look very classy but also casual
  14. Chanel of course!
  15. i love the suhali lockit and hope to own it one day.

    but i have to say chanel cos i have it in medium and jumbo.

    if you get the jumbo it can be used as a day/work bag cos it has more room and fits more.

    you can turn wear it from day to night too.