LV Suhali Lockit.. in white or blue?

  1. hi everyone! i've been wanting buy the LV Suhali Lockit.. and recently went to an LV store ready to buy the blue. however, when i got there.. i got confused after seeing the white version. Please help.. i wish i could say, "when in doubt, buy both".. but not now. haha! i appreciate all your advice! thanks!;)
  2. Def white IMHO....
    classy clean look and very summer looking...go for it...but if you like blue more you should follow your heart!
    Good luck and welcome to TPF!!!
  3. I have the white pm and love it ...depends what YOU will use;)
  4. I would go with white!
  5. White! Classy!! Goes with everything too!
  6. white white white! its prettier & more versatile.. but i'd worry about getting it dirty =/
  7. white is timeless BUT blue stands out and unique:tup:
  8. I had the same problem. But I picked the BLUE! I love it!
  9. both color are beautifull and classy... good luck...
  10. I'd go for the BLUE. :yes:
  11. Definitely the white! That bag is #3 on my list right now. One day, it will be mine!
  12. Blue for me!
  13. I like blue more...
  14. I love the white.. it's my first choice!!
  15. thanks for the advice everyone!!! i appreciate it! i'll post my purchase once i make my decision! :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup: