LV Suede Onatah???

  1. I purchased the brown suede hobo at NM yesterday...I am not sure about it...Any thoughts?
    New Bags 012.jpg
  2. It is beautiful, congrats!!:biggrin:
  3. So cute, I love the hobo unstructured shape of the onatah !
  4. I am trying to decide if I should keep her or not... Having trouble deciding...
  5. Definitely keep it, its a really nice looking shape and plus its really rare to see onatahs as opposed to monogram, imo its great!:biggrin:
  6. I heard the suede is gonna be a standard LV line.
  7. If there a suede bag to choose for a mood,collection, the Onatah is perfect in brown! I would keep it too!:love:
  8. Not a LV fan, but I really like this bag, beautiful color.
  9. It's very pretty, and more subtle than the mono. Also may depend on it you already have many brown bags, although the suede does make it a little more special.
  10. im not a fan of this bag at all.... boho was huge last season... but you can rarely see anything boho in stores now...
  11. I absolutely love it...keep it!!!
  12. I have a PM in orange. If I were to get a bigger bag, I'd get the GM in Brown. Keep it!
  13. All, Thanks for feedback! I am leaning toward return, but will "sleep on it"... Have to try it on tomorrow with the "right" clothes...
  14. I say to keep it. It can go with a lot of differerent looks and the color is so rich. I love it.
  15. I adore this bag and think it is stunning as it is LV's first suede range BUT if you don't feel the love for the bag then return it and purchase something that you will love:biggrin: