LV styles of past.....compared with those of today

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  1. My favourite thread on tpf has to be the "LV Discontinued Club", I love looking through the old designs and colours........which has got me thinking.......ok, going out on a limb here.....first of all just want to clarify that I absolutely love my LV bags :tup: and are not at all disrespecting them or any LVs by making this statement......just sharing some thoughts with fellow tpf's......

    Ok, compared to previous collections, (say 4/5 years ago back onwards), do you think the bags (and colours) of today are less stylish and lack imagination??? Will we look back in a few years and "awww" at some of the designs available now? :confused1: Thoughts please!
  2. I understand what you mean. I def. love the older bags and respect the artistry in the design and materials and functionality too. Some of the newer ones, not so much so. :sad:

    Cabas Whistler, Cabas Innsbruck are amazing. I know these are not exactly vintage or very old, but I certainly have not seen a recent contender IMO.

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  3. Let me start by saying, I LOVE LV, but I agree that some of the styles from years past seem more like 'unique', classical style handbags, whereas some of the bags now just seems so trendy. Perhaps thats the changing market, a different demand, a younger consumer?
  4. I totally agree Princess Pink. I've only been into LV for about 3 years, just really started learning about all the styles in the last 12 months or so...hmmmm, funny how that corresponds with when I joined tpf :P Anyway, I've found myself scouring the few authentic LV resellers online to find sooooo many styles from the past that I want....there was one point where if I didn't find an Indigo cles I thought I was gonna keel over and just die! I don't get that feeling, that "I gotta have it or explode" feeling from many of the newer bags.
  5. While I agree in certain styles, I must say I don't think the LV MC is less trendy than the washed prince colour, it was simply a whole lot more popular at the time so the company turned it into a classic. However, the general trend of the seasonal women's collection is getting wilder = more "trendy" if you will IMO.
  6. I think LV five or ten years ago was sold and appealed to a narrower group or market. The LV of today, and since Marc Jacobs, appeals to a broad and diverse group. Thus, not all LV styles are going to be loved by all; some are young and trendy, others are classic. The sales growth of LV mirrors the growing markets.