LV styles as seen in diff parts of the

  1. I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota...typical large midwestern metropolitan area (certainly not as large as Chicago, but still around 4 million people). I see women toting around LV when I am downtown and sometimes at my part time job in the suburbs. (I work in a french/engligh antique furniture shop). I tend to always see the same styles though...always monogram in either Alma, Lockit and occassionally Manhattan PM. I have never seen anyone carry damier or epi..or anything colorful when it comes to LV. Do you think some styles tend to be regional as far as people's preference? I happen to love a variety! :confused1:
  2. I live in Winnipeg, so far has encounter Monogram, Denim, Multicolore, Onatah, and Damier :p
  3. In my part of the world, which is Northern Italy for the moment, Monogram Canvas reigns supreme. Most women either have a Speedy or a Musette bag, sometimes I see Abesses and Pochettes. Very rarely Manhattans and Lockits and Battignolles. Multicolore is only worn in summer, ditto for Denim. Limited edition bags are scarce here, because they are pricey and Italians get taxed into oblivion, which means less disposable income.
  4. In NYC I see a ton of real Damier, a lot of fake Monogram, some Azur speedies here and there, and hardly anything else.

    Oh, I did see a beautiful denim Raye bag this past weekend, though!
  5. I like on the East Coast and I see monogram, damier, some epi, and some white mc. I've only seen black and brown epi bright colors.
  6. The Neverfull blew up in Tokyo. It felt like it was hard to go a day without seeing someone wear it. The MC and mono lines are popular there and Damier for men, but it's rare to see a Suhahli.

    Here in Houston I'm seeing the classics but I also see a lot more limited editions here.
  7. In Annapolis I see mostly Monogram canvas bags or shoulder totes (Sailing Town- very casual). I do all my shopping In Chevy Chase, D.C. or Virginia and I love looking at everyones bags while I shop.I always see Limited Edition bags every time I am out.
  8. In Albuquerque, New Mexico (aside the millions of fakes) the predominant line is monogram. I've seen a couple Vernis pieces here and there, one white suhali le talentueux, and one white multicolore ursula. I can keep an accurate count because authentic LV sightings are so rare! My LV collection has much more variety than typical local LV sightings would provide.
  9. I basically just see monogram (mostly fake) here in a small city in the Midwest (Ohio). Which is another reason I carry Damier and Epi. I like to go against the grain. :p
  10. I carry around my speedy 30 in azur all the time...and wonder, does anyone know what it is? lol
  11. I tend to see a little of everything. What I dont see much of is suhali & haven't seen any mirior at all. But I've seen vernis, epi, mono (around every corner), damier, mc, denim, perfo. I don't know whats fake but LV is all over the place here. Mostly mono though but I think that would be typical almost anywhere.
  12. I live in the BC Rockies and I only ever see a mix of fake and real mono. I have seen a real Epi wallet and an Antigua though!
  13. in turkey a lot of mono speedy,a little azur speedy, epi pieces so few and lots of fake Monogram speedy...
  14. Where I spend my time:

    Taipei: Mostly all Monogram bags. Big on the speedies, almas, and shoulder bags.

    Los Angeles: A mixture of all LV and all designers. Love seeing Fendi bags!

    NYC: Again, a mixture of all. Love seeing business women, and just plain well-dressed women with Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags, they look rather chic. Love seeing Fendi Spys, and most of all CHANEL! I love the city people!
  15. in manila i often see A. monogram (speedy, neverfull, papillon) B. denim (all sorts, even LE) C. damier (speedy, belem, papillon) (i've never seen anyone carrying trevi YET.. i was sporting one last week though!:graucho:) D. mini lin speedies (but i really can't tell real from fake) E. multicoloure (speedy and alma) on trendy teens or classy mid-50's women F. vernis (bedford, houston, brentwood, reade..) in different colors
    *and during special events, like product launch etc.. i often see LEs.. lots and lots of LEs..denim patchwork, miroir everywhere, olympe...

    in taiwan: like sophia said mostly monograms.. and occassional epis.. i'll be there maybe this month or next month so i'll keep my eyes open! :graucho: