LV strip tease!!!!!

  1. Yay it's finally my turn to do a strip tease! I got another bag since joining TPF but the I accidently ruined the memory card thus losing the pictures so I am so excited to post pics of my new bag now!

    It's my first LV and I got it today from LV in king of prussia :yahoo:!!!! Its not a bag on my wish list....but when I saw this bag in person I liked it more :nuts:

    "Oh no an LV bag....."-my Dad
    What is it!? :drool:

  2. Can't see the pic.
  3. oh no why do I always clicking into these threads just before I'm about to head off to bed now I have to wait
  4. oops....try it this way

  5. ...and...
  6. Is it a NeverFull.
  7. :popcorn:
  8. :graucho:

  9. :whistle:
  10. :whistle::popcorn:
  11. hmmm how long to torture...:devil:

  12. Strip! Strip! :party: Strip! Strip!
  13. seriously I NEED to go to bed please post pics!
  14. CIMG2968.jpg

    heh heh heh....
  15. startin to strip :graucho::graucho:


    sexy :nuts: