LV strawberry earring?

  1. Since when did LV came out w/this strawberry earring? I've never seen it before, what's the retail of them?:confused1:
  2. It was from one of the Cruise collections. I believe Elle has the bracelet version..she might also have those too.
  3. Here you's from Elle's collection, I hope she doesn't mind my using her picture:
  4. It's the sruise collection 3 years ago, I believe.
  5. I have those earrings too , they are so cute
  6. :yes:

    I think they came out sometime during early Spring of 2004. I don't remember retail price...but I'd guess $210? :shrugs: There was also a matching necklace that I missed out on :crybaby:

    And don't worry, Rebecca, I don't mind you using my photo :p
  7. those earrings are very cute!
  8. Hi, I have them too, retail was $180. :smile:
  9. so cute~~~
  10. I love the earrings, but I really wish they would put out some MATCHING earrings!! I got the earrings this past summer and wound up buying two pair so I could have a matching set. The strawberry and heart is really pretty!
  11. awwww so cute!!! i want them!
  12. Oh how cute the strawberry is!
  13. So so cute!
  14. Awww..........I love strawberries!
  15. wow I love sweet. Elle has some amazing stuff ! :smile: