LV Stratus Pm avail on Eluxury - Free shipping too!

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  1. I happen to see the Stratus Pm is avail on Eluxury tonight and eluxury is offering free shipping too for several days! I wanted to post this, for there are PR members who have been wanting this bag badly!
  2. i believe the free shipping does not apply to Louis Vuitton products.
  3. Must have been lucky then, for the code Aug7 worked for me, I only ordered one item and it was LV and checkout indicated free shipping for me! I guess until they fix this glitch, it works!
  4. It worked for me too. There was another thread on it. It should work for all LV purchases this time.
  5. Free shipping works for LV they told me on the phone that the website can't distinguish LV from others so it gives it to all. So yes you do get free shipping. I even ordered over the phone and they gave me free shipping.
  6. Well that's wonderful, too bad I can't even buy from eluxury :p