LV Strap Emergency!

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  1. I'm posting this for my mother, because I fully believe if anyone can offer their advice, it's the lovely folks who frequent this forum. To say that the sales associates at Louis Vuitton have been less than helpful would be an understatement, because according to them, "nothing canvas can ever be fixed so don't bring it in, thank you."

    Anyway, my mother's bag is about seven years old, so perhaps it is time it retires to bag heaven, but seeing how we have LV bags in our family that are going on 30 years, it's rather irritating. As you can see, the strap on my mother's bag broke. It did this a year ago and she fixed it with Krazy Glue and she just did it again (that's what all the marks are), because it just broke again.

    My mother carries everything but the kitchen sink in the bag, which I think, sadly, has caused some of the wear and tear to be even worse. Even so, does anyone have any ideas on how to perhaps give this bag a little bit more of a lifespan? I should also mention that some of the vachetta for the strap is gone, so it's been shorter than the other strap for about a year or so, but it still worked fine. At least until it broke again. My mother has a great shoemaker and I told her it might be worth contacting him to see if he can do anything, but she doesn't think that's a worthwhile idea.

    Any insight would be fabulous! Or anyone wants to commiserate, because my mother is pretty devastated right now and I wish I could help her (there's some family problems going on now too, so it's the straw that broke the camel's back as it were), but I don't have any ideas on what to do, save for buying her a new bag but we're both kinda over LV canvas by this point, seeing how LV said they'll never repair a canvas bag. This bag has just had so many issues, the zipper doesn't work anymore and it can't be replaced, again according to LV because it's a canvas bag, so it hasn't zipped in over a year. I just really want to do something because I hate seeing her this unhappy and I don't know where else to turn, even if this bag has never ending issues!

    If you look at the pictures, it's the part of the strap that attaches to the bag and then wraps around the ring. Thank you lovely people for any help, or just for reading!

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  2. From what little I know, it's not that LV will not repair canvas bags, its that they can't repair the canvas itself.

    That doesn't seem like the case here, although I guess it is sawed into the canvas, did it cause a tear in the canvas?

    I would have highly recommended agains the crazy glue, as it only makes your case tougher to explain to LV, and taken it in when it first happened.

    Hopefully other more experience PFers can chime in. What style is this bag?
  3. I think its a good idea to have shoes repair man to sew the strap to the canvas, that's much better than glue, and can look better than glue. they have the machine that can sew through thick hard material.
  4. You're correct, I did a horrible job explaining but that's it, they can't repair it because it's canvas. They can't fix the strap because it's in the canvas, sewed in as you can see. There's no concern about explaining to LV because my mother took it in when it first broke over a year ago (before she did anything with Krazy Glue) and they said there was nothing they can do. It's not going back, so now it's just trying to think of a possible solution.

    It's a Totally but I'm not sure of the size.

    Thank you, I figured they could do something. I'll mention this!
  6. Unfortunately LV will not touch a bag that has damaged canvas due to the risk of damaging it more. Since that's the case then the only thing I can suggest is that your mom takes it to the cobbler for really won't matter since LV won't touch it, she most likely doesn't want to try and sell it, and at the end of the day she'd really just like to be able to use her favourite bag again. A few good stitches, which the cobbler can easily do, and your mom's Totally will be ready to server her faithfully for years to come.
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    Did you only speak to them on the phone? Maybe they did not understand what you were explaining(it was a little confusing in the OP). They can't fix canvas damage (such as tears) but they replace handles, zippers, glazing, tabs or chaps (like on the speedy), even piping! All of which are attached to the canvas. So they wouldn't have said no to a repair just because the bag is canvas or because the strap was attached to the canvas. Unless there is a tear on the canvas from when the strap pulled off. I agree with the others that it would be best to take it to a cobbler and see what they can do.