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  1. Hi All.. Please post your LV strap here.. Kindly share your pros and cons..
    I don't own one (yet) but planning to have one.. Still waiting for stock at my local store.. [emoji4]
    Pics from LV web..
  2. I'd really like to purchase a strap I can use with my Carmine, Piment, and Electric Epi Almas. I need silver hardware. I guess my safest option is a black replacement strap. These new great colors are so tempting though! LOL
  3. There are a few double sided with black I seem to remember!
  4. Has anyone ever used their Keepall strap on a Neverfull GM??
  5. I'm just wondering how you intend for that to work?
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  6. Prices of these? Haven't been over to LV to see if we've gotten any and I'm too lazy to look up the cost, lol.
  7. Bandouliere Epi strap on my Epi Alma BB in Jonquille

    This wide strap is more comfortable than the thin strap that came with the bag.


  8. image.jpeg Epi strap on my Retiro in Cerise this time. Retiro has gold HW. The strap has silver HW, but it is minimal. I don't mind the mismatch. It's not noticeable unless one looks very closely.
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  9. yay, i can join this new club! will add photos when i take new ones:smile:
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  10. IMG_1469526815.829354.jpg black/pink epi strap with montaigne mm in dune
    IMG_1469526840.447681.jpg with indigo cluny mm
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  11. IMG_1469527133.450131.jpg with vernis alma PM in dark blue
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  12. IMG_1469527195.474933.jpg with epi red noe
  13. IMG_2947.JPG Monogram/Orange Strap on Speedy 30
  14. He's my animal print $495.00 for most including this . I was pleasantly surprised to find it very soft and supplem flexible not stiff. Only downside is you can't wear it crossbody.

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