LV story

  1. So I was out to dinner last night with my husband in NYC... and this woman was sitting next to us (it was one of those tables where there is a long sofa type thing, a lot of people lined up sitting on it, and then tables for two in front of it with the other people in chairs on the other side.) All of a sudden I see her reach over and put her hand on the top of my MC Speedy 30! She's like "Excuse me, can I just move this?" I say okay and she moves my bag so she can get out.

    I'm thinking to myself "B*TCH, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST TOUCHED MY BAG!" but then I looked over at her vacated seat and saw that she was carrying a black epi Sac Plat. So I decided not to be mad at her... as she was clearly a kindred spirit. :lol:
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. I don't care if they're carrying a LE or Hermes! Absolutely no one has the right to touch my bags even if you asked! JHMO
  4. it's called a banquette ;)
  5. Good to know! :yes:
  6. Wow, are you taking your meds?
  7. :confused1:

  8. no worriers... and it's "bun-ket". not to be mistaken for banquet.
  9. I think the B?&@% did that so you could take notice that she was carry a LV too. :s I've learned to expect from folks regarding my bags. :push:
  10. Ooh... I didn't think about that!
  11. hha..i love your story! that's funny!
  12. lol! i would have slepped her hand away for touching my lv. LOL

    i have a funny lv, nyc story. got on the bus today and sit down, placing my damier speedy on my lap. i look up and the girl across from me was holding HER damier speedy on her lap. LOL. she eventually moved- not sure if it was because i coughed twice (i couldn;t breathe from running for the bus) or because she didn't want us to look like mirror images.
  13. i know... i freaking hate it when people touch my bags... i told my little brothers never to touch my bag... ever... they could though if they wrap their palms with clean hankies... LOL!
  14. hahaa
  15. Think you have some of your own you need to gulp down lol! Be polite would ya!