LV story worth sharing

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  1. My aunt is a big LV lover like myself and recently ordered the black MC Trouville, a black MC wallet, a white MC wallet and a key chain..(not sure which one...) ANYWAY! She ordered the stuff from Eluxury and while ordering explained that she would be going out of town the next 2 days and to please hold off shipping accordingly. WELL! It showed up the next day and the fed-ex guy went to the door and obviously no one was home. She lives in a new development outside of Denver, some guy was near the drive way of her new house and signed for the package! She returned box. That guy made off with all her LV goodies. She raised some hell with Elux, the fed-ex guy came out to the house and took one look at her and was it was not you who signed for the box .... BLAH BLAH BLAH! Long story short after about a week of arguing she finally got a refund! She then went to her local LV store to repurchase. HOW FRUSTRATING! As soon as she told me I couldnt wait to share the story with you all! Happy Valentines day everyone!
  2. Wow :amazed: That is nuts! I'm very happy for your aunt, glad she got a refund. Did they ever find out who the jerk was that made off with her stuff? :suspiciou
  3. They did not find out ( the place is crawling with construction workers (she only has like 3 neighbors so far! Its all being built!) so that guy timed it just so I guess....his wife/girlfriend must have loved him!!!!
  4. Damn...that sucks a LOT, but at least she got her refund :biggrin:
  5. Thank God for the FedEx worker's good memory!
  6. How can the FedEx guy just let anyone sign it? Geeze~
  7. :blink: Utterly speechless :evil: so upset at the Fedex guy and thief.:sick: scary! :smile: at least you aunt got the refund at the end. Thanks for sharing the story.
  8. :amazed: im so glad to hear that she got a refund!
  9. That is awful, but honestly if I knew I was going out of town and shipping was that fast I wouldn't have ordered until I got back.

    Too bad they can't find out who took it. She should also file a report with the police and the construction company. I would make the fedex guy do a line up to see what guy took it !!
  10. I'm glad your aunt got the refund, yikes.

    That contruction worker. Hmm. Not to diss construction workers or anything, but there's a reason why he's working construction and not something more...well, respectable. Not much moral fiber needed to hammer some planks...:blink:
  11. wow, that's horrible. I'm glad she got her refund. I have not been hearing very good things about eluxury recently.
  12. Glad she got a refund! What the hell is wrong with the FedEx delivery guy?! He didn't wonder why the guy never even went inside the house!!! If I was eLuxury, I would have FedEx reimburse their $$$!
    O/T But it kind of reminds me of episode of Seinfeld, when Elaine is waiting for her Chinese food outside the building because they don't deliver to her side of the street and the guy wouldn't give it to her because she is NOT in the apartment!!!:lol:
  13. That totally sucks that there are such dishonest people out there. I'm glad she got a refund!
  14. I work construction, as does my husband. I'd have to say the people I work with have very high morals, and wouldn't steal. Stereotypes aren't very accurate. It took quite a bit of effort to even get accepted into the apprenticeship. I find that my profession is very respectable, I'm a little disappointed to find out that people feel that way.
  15. Dang that sucks!! Glad that she got a refund. I know FedEx and UPS sometimes will let anyone in the house or near the house sign packages. Sometimes I wonder how my cousin (who just happens to be there visiting me that day) can sign my package too!! They don't ask for ID at all.