LV stores on Friday

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  1. Does anyone know what time LV stores open this Friday? The one I need to go to is in a mall. I have an exchange and wanted to take care of it before work (and until all the craziness begins!). I tried calling the store but the answering machine didn't give any info about Friday.

  2. I'm not sure about that since it's in a mall. I'm pretty sure the one in Union Square (S.F.) opens at 10am. Hopefully yours will open early since it is in a mall and you can get in and out before all the craziness starts! :wtf:
  3. Yup I would say 10 am...possibly 9 am??

    I would just get there early and maybe get Starbucks???

    Parking will be crazy!!!
  4. Or if you do go to the one in Union Square, bart in! I think thats what I'm going to do :biggrin:
  5. 8 am at the Saks in New Orleans.
  6. 10am for us in socal.

    since LV doesn't have any sales or anything like Best Buy or Fry's or Sears or the like.. there's really no point in trying to open early to "get the most customers" because all the customers are out getting the best deal on tv's, laptops, and other electronics. lol. nonetheless, the mall will be busy anyway, and if your mall has a restoration hardware, we'll be busy too with friends & family! haha.