LV stores in Canada: Price? Heat Stamping?

  1. (Sorry if this question is stupid, but i'm a newbie and i'm curious)

    Do all LV stores in Canada have the same prices? The reason I ask is because I live in Toronto and I might be going to Vancouver soon, so I was just wondering. Also, I read somewhere here that there was a price decrease in Canada due to the strong Canadian dollar. Do you guys know how long that will last?


    Finally, how do you get things heat stamped? (Like, how much it costs, how much time it takes, and if you can buy the product and get it stamped in another city)

    Thank you all for your time
  2. Heat stamping is free and if the boutique does have a heat stamping machine, it usually won't take that long if they're not busy?

    If a heat stamping machine isn't in the boutique, they send it out to one that does.
  3. Buy LV in Alberta! There's no PST!
  4. Heat stamping is done in Toronto for's closest place for a Montrealer like me and last time, it took exactly 2 weeks.
    YES, there was a recent price decrease and covers all accessories (scarves, agendas, ties...etc), bags, and other smaller leather goods items. Prices should last til the end of this year.
  5. Isn't there an LV store in Montreal? Downtown, I thought.
  6. Yup! I buy all my stuff there and the SAs are all sweethearts (except for the men...)! But sadly, our store's kinda small....*BOOOOOOOO* and although we offer the same services as the "full" stores, we don't do it AT the store, items are all sent out to either Toronto or France.
  7. whenever i was in montreal i would head to the LV at Oglivy, it is small but not as small as those department stores LV counters, but i would think that they would offer full service coz the zipper of my coin pouch happen to come off when i was at the store and they repair it for me within a few hrs. is that the only LV store in quebec?
  8. Well iono, maybe they offer SOME services, but my SA (I call her Duo-Duo...she's super nice) says that most things aren't done at the store. And YES! LV in Ogilvy is the only store in Quebec. Holt Renfrew doesn't have any stuff.....BOOOOO! lol
    Offtopic: I really don't like HR... especially the Chanel SAs who are super snooty and LITERALLY look at you from HEAD TO TOE! Ogilvy's so much nicer...Although I feel bad for the auburn head lady at the Marc Jacobs counter... Everytime I buy something from LV and am shopping around she's like: "Oh! i see you're looking at the designer for Louis Vuitton! May I offer you this, this, this...etc???" and I'm like "NO! LV all the way!!!" lol
    Also, if you guys ever come to LV, you should visit the Christian Louboutin store.........Not many ppl know about it....but it's like....2/3 hidden....underground lol
  9. thanks! i love to shop at new places, is this Christain Louboutin on rue st catharines? i always drop by montreal once a month when i studied in ottawa. i would think that Holts would carry LV in montreal especially montreal is a big city.
  10. The SA in Edmonton said as of July 1, 2006, all LV were down by 5%. And I don't know if she just said that or if it was true. But if that was the case, I'm happy I bought my purse a week a go. =)

    And if I could always go to Edmonton, I would do all my shopping there b/c of the no Provincial Tax!!! I was told I could call before I leave BC - and ask if they had a specific bag, or they could bring a certainn one in upon request - and then I could have a look at it. But I would only do this, if it was to make a decision on two bags. As there would be other purses in the store that might catch my eye, and not even go with my top two choices. I'm happy to hear the prices were down. But I'm going to Vancouver end of this month, so I'm going to check out the LV stores.
  11. Sorry for the intrusion, but how does heat stamping work? Which surfaces of the item could you heatstamp?
  12. Does Vancover has the 5% price decrease too? I am going in Novemeber...
    LV just have a price increase in Chicago...again...unbelievable.
    I also want to know the heat stamp thing too...
  13. The prices have gone down in Vancouver, I dunno by how many %, but I checked out the small ring agenda last month and it was $285, and on Saturday I went there and it is now $275!
  14. Yes, there was a decrease in Vancouver
  15. I totally agree! I'm loving the new 6% GST! :wlae: