LV Stores In Bay Area

Dec 7, 2006
I am planning on making my first lv purchase since moving back from Denver and I have no idea which store is the best.... Stanford Shopping center, Valley Fair, or Union Square.... which ever one has the nicest SA's... kinda embarassed to ask this question as I am a native of the area but I have bought all my lv in Las Vegas or Denver. Thanks! :smile:


Mar 18, 2006
Union Square is the largest and has the most comprehensive selection, but it's VERY touristy (especially on the weekends) and can feel more like the Gap than LV when it's crowded. When they're busy they sometimes resort to having your SA wrap up your purchases and leave them behind the register while another one is manning it. They actually CALL OUT your name when they're ready for you like at a deli :tdown: That is no luxury exprience and completely unacceptable in my book.


Oct 6, 2007
I live in San Francisco and I visit the Union Square store often. My last experience there wasn't the best...I waited at the counter for almost 10 mins. before one of the SAs even asked me if I needed help. Thumbs up for selection but thumbs down for service.


Nov 22, 2006
Besides the three locations already mentioned (VF, Stanford, Union Square main store), you could also try the LV boutiques at the SF Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus in Union Square.


Jul 23, 2007
I'm originally from SF. I love the LV in Stanford and Santa Clara, although Santa Clara is a drive.

IMHO, would avoid Neiman Stanford and SF. My mom and I have had bad experiences with the SA's there.

There is an LV boutique inside Bloomie's in SF Centre. They were pretty friendly there. And yes, LV Union Sq. can get really busy. When I was there in March, I had a great experience with a SA. Send me a PM if you want her name. Good luck! I miss home. :sad:


Jun 1, 2007
San Francisco
some people dont like Valley Fair but I have always had great service there. I finally have a decent SA at the union square store as well I think it really depends on what SA you get there just as anywhere some are good some are bad. I honestly dont have much experience with the palo alto store which is funny because its the closest to me, I have been in there only a few times to actually buy something and there were not very helpful. The last few times when I was just looking they seemed alot nicer....


Apr 3, 2008
Bay Area, CA
Well I bought most of my LV at the Valley Fair store just because its closer and now have more selections than when it first opened. Weekends are always crowded but I got decent service whenever I am there. Sometimes you have to get their attention but I think that is the case is all retail shops.


In Luv with Louis
Oct 18, 2006
I went to Union Square last summer when I was in town for the ALL-STAR game, the service was great, and the store wasn't even that crowded, but I think I was heavily LV'd and service can vary anywhere, I do love the multiple levels of the store and the design of the store


Aug 2, 2007
I live in Union City/Fremont area. So I'm relatively equidistant to all three LV Stores. Here is my breakdown:

Union Square: As mentioned above, definitely the largest store with the most selection and ready-to-wear collection. Drawback is that it's very touristy, usually very packed and not much in terms of personalized service unless you're flashing the really big bucks.

Santa Clara (Fashion Valley): One of the worst LV stores IMO. They will tout that they are #3 in the nation in terms of volume and it may be true. But because of this, you're literally just a number in the sea of people buying LV purses and wallets there. They cut their higher end goods (watches/jewelry) because they don't sell those high dollar items. You get all the teenagers from cupertino and surrounding "rich" areas that spend here. Super poor customer service and it feels more like shopping at Safeway than an LV.

Palo Alto (Stanford): Definitely my favorite!! Stanford has an air of pretentiousness (because it's PA), but that goes in your favor because it's usually less busy and they are there to cater to your needs. Talk to Yann, Leslie, Chris, or Jordan. Everyone there is sooo good! :smile:

Hope this helps!
Dec 7, 2006
Thank you everyone for your opinions!!! I think I am probibly going to go to stanford or the santa clara location. I have only been to the one at stanford and it looked nice and not too crowded.. it all depends on where my friends want to go shopping when I go for a visit ususally they pick stanford over valley fair cause valley fair is SO CROWDED!

humpty- I know what you mean by the santa clara store.. I grew up in sunnyvale and it shocks me how much the area has changed and how much $$ people have now!