LV store vs eLuxury

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  1. I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase LV through eLuxury? I just prefer to see what I am buying. However I like the incentive of saving on taxes for an expensive LV purchase. Any advice?

    Thank you:shrugs:
  2. i like how they wrap on Eluxury i heard some people had problem. You might want to search around. If you know what you want to purchase then save gas and get from or eluxury
  3. Unless you want the store experience I'd save $ and buy online, as long as there's a return policy in place. :tup:
  4. i never had any problem from eluxury, and i always get my order fast, like three to four days(i live in big island HAWAII).. and love the taxfree!!, i tried to buy from but they charge tax and shipping so much.. so, i prefer eluxury..IMO..:smile:
  5. I purchase from eluxury if I know everything about the bag. I don't like to order and HOPE that I like it, you know?
    It can't beat the boutique experience, but it's nice to know eluxury is available. :smile:
  6. I've purchased 2 LV bags from eLux and have not have a problem with them. I started purchasing from them because of no sales tax, to save a few dollars.
  7. So far no problems at all with eLux. Shipping is very quick.
  8. if you are close to any lv store, i would want to buy it there , atleast you are seeing and touching what you are buying, and its feel gooooddd!!! to buy and carry that big brown bag out of the store:cloud9:
  9. How come I see on the Eluxury site, no LV shipments to Hawaii. Did they change this rule.
  10. I really like E-Luxury, the people that work there are very helpful, and I like to save money where I can!
  11. I personally buy everything from my store for a few reasons. 1) when I first started shopping at LV it was important to me that I develop a relationship with an SA and I am glad I did as this really makes shopping at my store an excellent experience every time. 2) I love to touch and feel everything that I buy. I am picky and nervous and the few horror stories I have heard on tPF about used or damaged goods sent out by Elux and then the customer being blamed really scare me, so I prefer to control the goods I purchase by selecting them myself. **I must add many on here have shared great Elux stories, I just get nervous when I hear bad stories and since I am close to a store and can choose to shop there I do. I just thought it was fair to mention this.** 3) If you are interested in LE or show items it helps to have a relationship with a store as Elux doesn't get the rare items. This is just my opinion though.
  12. You can always go to the boutique to check something out and see if you like it, then, if you are disciplined, go home and buy from ELux. If you were already going to the mall, you haven't really wasted gas, and the tax savings can be significant.
  13. Thank you all for the is helpful. I am not a regular LV shopper. So, I feel embarrassed going into the store to check and no buy anything. I guess I'm too shy for this. Also, I’m picky… again thanks!
  14. I don't think you should be embarrassed to look around and not buy the day you go in to a LV store.. I went to a LV store and took a peek ,it was my first time in the store or actually seeing the bags up close ( not just on someone passing me in the street/mall) . The S.A seemed to understand that I needed to deciede what was right for me and that I would be back at some point.. plus I had the kids with me and really only stayed about 15 minutes,you know how two children under 4 just loooooove shopping for designer bags??!!?:lol: but even that brief trip gave me an idea of what I liked...

    The items are expensive ,I don't see anything wrong with going to browse if you are not sure what bag you like. If the savings are significant enough taxes wise ,I would purchase from Elux if you know what you want..
  15. If you would have asked me about this a week ago I would have said elux all the way. But I did have a weird experience with them. They sent me a bag with a thick layer of dust on it and it was scratched. Epi leather. I returned it for an exchange the same day I received it. They had the return on Mon. and the exchange is still in the "process" mode. I wonder how long an exchange takes? Anyhow, after several years of shopping with them this was my 1st. "unhappy" experience.
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