LV Store Return/Exchange policy.

  1. I just bought the Taiga wallet at the Venice, Italy store today (I'm a guy and I liked the simple design) and I just noticed they had a black one instead of the grizzly (brown) model I bought today. The only other color I was shown in store was green. Would it be possible to go back tomorrow to exchange it for another color or is it too late? Thanks! :smile:
  2. I think you have 2 weeks to go ahead and exchange. It should say on the receipt.
  3. :yes: Of course it´s possible:you have 3 weeks for exchange it!;)
  4. Ooooh good choice, love the taiga wallet ! :yes:
  5. You should get what you really want...good luck!
  6. hmm I just looked on my receipt (the yellow paper that the SA gave me) and I don't see anything about their exchange policy on it. Hmm... I actually do like the brown model I have though I really like the black one also. Why is it so hard to pick LV stuff?! haha
  7. I'm sure you can exchange it within a month/2 weeks depends on your country. Give them a call and ask:yes:
  8. Am I the only one who's jealous that you got to go to the Venice Italy store?! LOL :smile:

    I'm sure you'll have no problems since it's just been purchased.
  9. What's the return policy for LV stores? I'm thinking about buying the tulum pm for my mom as a Christmas present. However, I need to know how far in advance to make the purchase. How many days do they give you to return? Also, do you get your money back or can you only do exchanges?

    In your opinion, is the tulum pm an age appropriate bag for a 40 something year old?
  10. I believe it's 14 days, but some people say 30 days. I think it depends.
  11. Well in Australia, they have 30 days return policy nation-wide...

    In Singapore I think its 14 days? (correct me if I'm wrong)

    So I guess each countries have different policies, better ask your store. :smile:
  12. the return policy is 14 days for refund and 30 days for exchange at the SA's discretion.
  13. Ouch! 40:push: Wonderful thing about owning an LV... age doesn't rule... taste does...

    If I remember correctly in San Francisco a personal return is 14 days. If it's a gift you will receive a gift receipt for the recipient allowing them 30 day return.:s :shrugs:
  14. It's 14 days for money back and 30 for store credit. The 30 days might only be because of the holidays.

    HTH! ;)
  15. I'm 48 and a mom - I like the Tulum PM very much!