LV Store near WDW

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  1. With all the stories about SAs, I am a little skeptical making my 1st store purchase but we are heading to WDW soon with little time for shopping but really want to buy the Odeon GM.

    I know there are two stores in Orlando so I was wondering which one do you recommend? Also, what are the chances of me finding the GM.

    My recent LVs are bought by my hubby during his business trip and they didn't have the Odeon GM so hubby bought me the Menilmontant MM instead.

    Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated.
  2. The LV store in the Mall at millenia have some good SA's I always have good experiences there, I was just there a few days ago buying a new wallet. Best of luck and congrats!
  3. How exciting!! Good luck and hope you get the best treatment ever at the LV store. Don't forget a reveal of your new bag. :biggrin:
  4. My mom and I went to the one in Saks in Orlando that was in the huge mall (sorry, not from Florida, so don't know if it was the one you are talking about.) The sa was SOOOO nice, her name was Ingrid! She offered heatstamping, pulled out lots of things for us etc.. it was a wonderful shopping trip!

  5. There was a really nice LV in one of the malls near Ft. Lauderdale. I can't remember the name of it...for some reason, I think the LV I went to in Orlando was pretty small...but the SAs were nice