LV store in Stockholm - robbed!

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  1. My local LV store (the only one in Sweden) has been robbed, smash and grab style :sad:
    Be aware, Swedish citizens, these bags may be put on or
    This is not the first time this happened, so sad. It may take a while until they open again.
  2. Oh no! I thought Sweden is safer than London.
  3. This is sad :sad: Thanks for posting.
  4. That happened in Sydney Australia last year, twice.
  5. I know!! :sad: Shocking!!
  6. Oh my. This is shocking. Thanks for sharing!
  7. That's terrible! One of the stores here in the US, an LV store in Maryland was robbed a few months ago. That was the second or third time it happened at that location. I feel for the employees.
  8. This is awful. And its the second time? Didnt they do exactly this kind of robbery like not even a year ago. Sad.
  9. The LV store was robbed in June 2012 as well.
    Bottega Venetas store (located on the same street) was robbed last year.
  10. I dont understand how they can get away with this on such a busy street with lots of people nearby. How can they not get caught. Well i guess im glad they do it when the store is closed so no people got harmed..
  11. Oh nevermind i just read the article. It happend 6-7am ...
  12. I noticed this just now on the finnish news too:sad:
    Looks like they got a lot of bags with them.
    Only good thing about this, is that the store was closed.
  13. how unfortunate! :rain:
  14. :sad: good thing the store was closed - terrible
  15. Brutal. Hope employees and customers took cover. Awful to have to go through.