LV Store in Paris

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  1. What is the name of the LV store in Paris that has the three levels?

  2. In Champs Elysees?
  3. does it this store have three levels?

  4. Yes it's amazing!!!
  5. This lady that saw that was wearing the Sully MM or PM ( I'm not sure) had recommended that I go there one day. Okay thank you. I'm planning on go there probably in the next year or two. I need to make a plan ( save up some money)
  6. Here is a photo.

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  7. thanks
  8. it is the flag ship store
    they have everything!
  9. Yes it is amazing. It has three floors and a little library inside which is full of books from brands like ysl, dior, vuitton. It even has a damier ebene hall / stairway.. I love it!
  10. :biggrin: It's best to go early to avoid having to wait outside in a line. It's amazing and you don't know where to look first! :drool: After visiting the Paris LV store, all other stores seem much smaller..can't wait to go back.
  11. Thanks for the info ladies! I am running my first ever Marathon in Paris (and this will be my first ever trip to France!) and am planning to reward myself with a treat from the LV store. Now I will definitely go to this flagship as it appears to be the best one! Are there any others I should check out while I am there?
  12. My favorite store in Paris is the one in St Germain des pres, just in front of the church. The area is also great to visit with a lot of restaurants and cafés.
    The SAs are nice and they take the time to discuss with you, they seem to have less pressure than in the very crowded stores (Galeries Lafayettes or Printemps Haussmann).
    The 3 storey store on the Champs Élysées is definitely worth a visit though, it's eye candy everywhere. I go there when I need to authenticate an item but it's further from my house and it's much more crowded.
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  13. Also good to know. Thanks.
  14. I had 2 friends who were each in Paris last year (at different times) and they told me that there is usually a line out front of the LV flagship. Is this true? If so, what are the best times to go to beat the crowds?

    They also told me that you are limited to buying only 2 items in the store. Is this true? One friend said that the rule only applies to Asian customers (I'm American) but that can't be right?!? I mean, that would be blatant discrimination and racism from the store!

    I have a pretty long wishlist, mostly classics. The price in Paris is so much better than in the US though!

    I'm looking to buy:
    A neverfull MM DE
    An Eva clutch DA
    A monogram cles
    A chain wallet vernis amaranthe
    A vernis pouchette rose

    I realize I may not be able to find the last two since they are more limited and color specific, but the first 3 shouldn't be a problem, right? And am I going to be able to buy 3-5 items at one time?
  15. I'll be visiting for the first time next May. I cannot wait!!