LV store in Monterrey, Mexico?

  1. My hubby is going to Monterrey next week and will be close by the LV store there. Are prices better in Mexico vs. the US? Do they carry different items? If he were to buy something, is there a hassle bringing it back over the border?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I am not sure what the prices in Mexico are but according to

    1 USD = 11.3956 MXN 1 MXN = 0.0877533 USD
  3. Thanks... I don't understand it though! :shame: Does that mean the US dollar goes further in Mexico?? :shame: :shame:
  4. yes :smile:
  5. For example if you want a bag that is $5,689 Pesos it is $500 American.
  6. Ok! I'm following now! :P

    So would a bag that costs $1,000 in the US be less in Mexico then?
  7. No, not for sure, because remember, LV prices change around the world, depending on how hard it is for LV to get their products shipped to that country, how much they have to pay in business taxes, and a whole bunch of other things.

    PS if you have a style you like email LV customer service and ask them if they have a price for it in Mexico. Make sure to state at least twice that you want the Mexico price!!!
  8. Ok - I'll do that! Thanks!

    I'm not familiar with LV in other areas of the world and I know some are more and some are less than the US but that is the extent of my knowledge. :shame:
  9. Yea, you can save a few bucks sometimes. Like a Speedy 30, if I get my friend to get it in France for me, I'd save $153.00

    The speedy 30 is 410 Euros in France.
    Here it is now $620.

    If I were to buy it through my friend, I would pay no sales tax, so the bag would end up being $517 American.

    Here if I buy the Speedy 30 with sales tax it would be $670.
  10. I tried calling the toll-free # to ask but they claim they do not know. So I TRIED to call Mexico a few times but I must be doing something wrong. :lol:

    Oh well -- I guess I'll just tell my hubby which pieces to look for and he and his buddy can figure out if they're getting a deal. With any luck, they'll go shopping after having a few margaritas and then I KNOW he'll get me something! :lol: :lol:
  11. dont forget about the VAT, which furthers your savings! It a 12% refund but of course you dont get it all more like 5% or 7% but its still savings!
  12. True, but the lady I buy French products through keeps that as her fee, a small price to pay for saving so much money though!!!!
  13. Just make sure to be really sweet before he goes so he'll get you something good!!!!!! :biggrin:
  14. Oh my gosh! I went to Mexico with my boyfriend and we went to Louis Vuitton Boutique in Monterrey, Mexico and they are still selling the Speedy Cerises!!!!! But they only have about 5 Speedy 25 w/ cerises left!
  15. When were you there?? That would be so cool! I have to give him a few definite ideas otherwise he'll just say "oh I wasn't sure what you want..." :rant: