LV store in Miami?

  1. I will be going to Miami later this month and was wondering if anyone :confused1: know of an LV store there. I searched on the internet and found Bal Harbour, but that's so far from where I'm staying.

    Any help on where to buy LVs in Miami would be soooo great. :yahoo:
  2. there are alot of lvs in miami. the one on balh. is tdf. there is also one in coral gables at merrick village mall, i think thats what its called, plus fort lauderdale, which is not far from miami at all.
  3. Saks at the Dadeland Mall also, according to my 2006 catalog.
  4. Thanks for the info princesslv and gacats.:lol: I'll be sure to check out Dadeland and Merrick Village. :woohoo: I can hardly wait until vacation time...

    Also, one last question... I've never bought an LV outside of the LV store, if I buy from Saks will it come in the LV shopping bag and packaging?
  5. The Merrick Village Has Alot Of Great Shops Also. But The Balhour Mall I Would Reccomond You Go There Even Though It Is Far, It Is Ranked # 1 In Us. I Fly Down There Just To Go There. But It Is Very Expensive.
  6. Yes, if you buy from Saks you will get the LV shopping bag and packaging. They don't give you the box unless you ask for it.
  7. princesslv: Wow, I didn't know it was voted no.1..... I will try to go if there's time. I'll probably just look around though, my only intended purchase is from LV. (on second thought, I think I should just carry enough cash to get my LV bag... just in case no willpower :p)

    capv29: thanks for the info.:yes:
  8. yeah i was going to take my mom for her bday coming up, but not enough funds. its great so many places to eat outside and great if you have a samll dog, like i do. the lv at balhour has clothes, shoes, jewerly everything, the whole line. when i go there i usually always get a new bag. last time i was there my mom hurt her foot in the store and they brought her bandads and water and treated us so good. at the time i didn't even purchase anything yet. if you wanna know anything about shopping in miami, just pm me.
  9. oh oh oh!
    bal harbour! go to bal harbour! the dior store is yum! OT I KNOW< BUT OH SO GOOD!
  10. you have to go to Bal Habour it is a beautiful shopping area so relaxing it has an LV store plus NM with LV. I'll see if if can find a pic of the centre.

    off topic you must also go to Barton G it's fab and I also enjoyed Lincoln street market on a sunday. I was there for a month a couple of years ago I adore Miami and really really miss it.
  11. Here is a few pics of bal Habour

    Warning I am carrying a Gucci bag and have a dior & versace shopping bag sorry no Vuitton in sight don't hate me (but it is a great shop!!)

    I love Orchids and there are growing from the trees that why there is a random tree pic I thought it was pretty
    SA400114.jpg SA400113.jpg SA400117.jpg SA400120.jpg
  12. I live in miami and we have the one in Bal Harbor, Dadeland mall In Saks Fifth Av and Neiman Marcus in the SHops of MErrick Park in Coral Gables. The address of dadeland is SW 88th St. (believe me the taxi or anyone will know.) and Merrick Park is Ponce de Leon or LEjeune Rd. Hope it helps. Have fun down here.
  13. great pix! and sweetie, you look so pretty!
  14. Thanks princesslv...:yes: I might need some more info nearer to the time!
  15. Thanks for all the helpful info everyone.:yahoo:

    Label Addict: Thanks for posting pics! Nice pictures and I love your bag!!

    Now I want to go Bal Harbour even more :yes: cuz I'm hearing all these nice things about that place.

    I think I'll be staying near Dadeland Mall so I'll definitely be going there.