LV store in Florida ??

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  1. Hi there.
    Hoping to take my kids to WDW in Orlando this summer,
    Are there any LV stores for me around there within
    reasonable driving distance ??
    thanks !
  2. Yes, I cant remember the name of the mall, er might be millena or millenium???

    some one else will help me out here Im sure.
  3. I think there is 1 in Orlando and 2 in Tampa. Tampa isn't that far from Orlando.
  4. there's a store at Orlando's Mall at the Millenia. it's a really nice mall, with a lot of designer stores :love:
  5. There is an LV boutique at Mall at Millenia in Orlando, very easy to find and within the vicinity if you will be in Disney. Its a relatively new mall with high-end shops. There is also a similar mall in Tampa, with an LV boutique, called International Plaza. Happy Shopping !!!
  6. The Mall of Millenia boutique in Orlando is nice and good sized and there are two locations in Tampa (about an hour, hour and a half away). One is at the International Plaza as travelbliss stated and the other is inside the Saks at Westside (the two malls are literally 5 minutes apart).
    Both the larger malls have excellent websites with directions, just google them :smile: