lv store in columbus ohio..shortage


Sep 30, 2007
the lv store in saks at polaris fashion place in columbus ohio today was so empty it was weird...shelves were bare and the only bags in sight were some random mc ones and some epi almas..they had scarves and some wallets but that was about it in terms of accessories...

wouldnt someone new to the brand be very turned off by a store with only it's least popular merchandise on display? the employees said all the bags they had were out and that there was a world wide shortage...i heard about the shortage on here before but wow i did not know how serious it was/that it would affect a store in ohio?! I just can't believe a company like LV would not be sure to have their most popular/best items always in stock and instead leave their stores looking like THAT...isnt that so wrong? who is in charge there?...doesn't that cheapen/devalue the brand?

that's my little rant..what are your opinions/thoughts?


Nov 26, 2010
louis is my first love.... having said that, did u ever think that sales were down and this is just a way of boosting them? although,i don't know how they could be, everyone has a louis today!!