LV store credit

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  1. how long can the store credit last? do i hv to use it the same day i return a bag? thanks!
  2. I got one when I was in the Philippines, it said it was good for 1 year, don't know if it is the same in the US
  3. In Canada it's also store credit good for 1 year from date of return.

    In Tokyo... there's no such thing as returns!! I went with my best friend 2 years ago and she bought the Twin only to find out later that day that her friend had already bought her the Twin in Canada so we went back to return it and they wouldn't do it! Even tho it was the exact same day!!! It took half an hour of pleading and my friend refusing to leave the store unless they did something about it for them to finally give her a refund. The looks on their faces when she first said return was priceless.. just pure confusion and shock.
  4. as far as I know 1 year.
  5. thanks!
  6. depends on the state also. Different states have different consumer laws, regardless of co. policy.
  7. i was told it last for 1 year. i just got a store credit last month
  8. Many Asia countries have no return/refund policy too. I guess an exchange will be easier?
  9. Yup, in China the clerks would give you some major thrashing if you even attempted for something like an exchange, let alone a return! haha You'd be BANNED FORVEVER in that mall, even if it's a really big mall too......It's just how the society works and also people would give you really dirty looks if you just "look/browse" without buying, and don't forget, many stores do NOT LET YOU TRY ON CLOTHES! :wlae: haha The salesladies are usually like: "oh you look like this mannequin here, i'm sure you'll fit this dress"
    Me: "ughhh......I'm 20 pounds heavier than HER....I think NOT~!" haha
  10. They will do store credits for you in Singapore (albeit veeerryy unwillingly and grudgingly), it's easier to get exchanges. :smile:
  11. wow thats really harsh, no trying on? i mean, i hate trying on anyways and since i shop in the same places all the time i have my sizes down. but what if you want to see the LOOK of it on you and stuff.. eek thats harsh.

    BUT i'd feel a lot better about buying it, because i know that noone has ever worn it before!
  12. Awk, tell me about the weird Asian store policy! :rant: When I went to Taiwan last year, I was browsing through some local clothing boutiques. They wouldn't let me try on any clothing unless I'll buy it for sure. So I asked "if I didn't try on the clothing, how will I know if it fits or not? And you want me to buy it if I try on the clothing even if it doesn't fit me? Then what's the point of trying on clothing then? ":hysteric: Their reason is that their manager will get mad at them because nobody will want to buy your sweaty clothing since everyone sweats in that climate. Anyway, I ended up not buying any clothing there. :censor:
  13. I've been told one year.
  14. Thailand as can only exchange but no refund...even tho the bag that you bought let say 1000$ and yoyu decided to exchange to the lower price...the store will not give the rfund, you have to find more thing to use the rest of money.
  15. In Singapore the store credit is good for a year. I've just been told yesterday by one of the SAs.