LV store credit

  1. I just returned my mini lin Dune saumur because it sagged too much, so now I have a store credit. Where would it be a good idea to sell it? eBay? :confused1: I don't know what other bag to get at this point. :sad:
  2. You can buy an LE bag or item with your store credit and sell it on eBay.
  3. At the german eBay site some guys were selling a storecredit of about 2100 euros, they got about 1800 euros for it. You´ll probably get more money if you get an LE item and sell it.
    As far as I know the store credit is valid for one year, so you might wait for your new dream bag.
  4. Keep it for a year.. im sure u will find something u love :love: Selling the credit off means u will lose money :sad:
  5. i would suggest keeping it for 6 months and if there really isn't anything you want, then you should sell it.
  6. I would keep it and do not lose the store credit slip - treat it like cash and put it somewhere safe until you can use it. I think the store credits are good for 12 months, but verify this with the LV store.
  7. ********people actually SELL their store credit?*****

  8. Keep it and wait till next seasons new supply comes out. You might fall in love with something new and regret the lose of money from selling the gift card for less.
  9. Keep it, you'll always find something you like there.
  10. Couturecreature, I just wanted to tell you that I think the handbag in your avatar is absolutely stunning!!!
  11. just gold on to it.
  12. its valid for 1yr so im sure in that time you will find something else you like! keep it xx
  13. keep it and gets somthing else later!!
  14. I agree, keep it, LV always has a new treat waiting around the corner!