LV store credit question

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  1. I paid for a Speedy 30 yesterday (BF's gonna give me $ for it later though cause he decided that it will be my Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day gift) because the store didn't currently have the 35 or 40 but they said they might get some in two weeks. I figured if they won't have it in 2 weeks, I will just take store credit and wait til they have it. My question is the store credit....can it be used at other LV stores instead? Like what if they didn't have it by then and I want to see if another LV store has it, can I use it there?

    I feel silly asking but I thought you guys might know. Also, same with a credit with eLuxury....can I use it in an actual LV store or only on the site? I got taxed 6% yesterday for it (PA) but the other store I know is in MD (taxed at 5% I think). My meal the other night was how much the tax was for the Speedy. LOL.
  2. u can't use eluxury credit at LV and vice versa...and i've found that although LV says they only give credit and no refunds, they actually do give refunds within a few weeks i think it was......and u can use LV credit at any LV store so no worries
  3. why don't you have them send you one? they can have any of their bags shipped to you as long as they're available in a boutique in the united states.
  4. Thank you for the reply! Glad to know the store credit can be used in another LV store somewhere else. Thanks!