LV store credit of $ me choose my next LV!!

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  1. Damier speedy 25 or Neverfull MM!

    I recently bought a violette vernis pochette cles as an impulse buy. And even though I think it's gorgeous, I recently had a baby and I need to make more practical choices with my purchases. The cles is mostly eye candy (expensive eye candy!) and it doesn't get much use right now, so I've decided to return it and buy something that will get a lot more use.

    Now here's the fun part, which is also a dilemma...what do I do with my store credit? Here are the positives to both:

    Damier speedy 25:
    I don't have a damier piece yet, so this would be my first
    It's a speedy!! A classic, timeless piece that will last a long time
    It's so darn cute!!

    Neverfull MM:
    I can use it as a diaper bag, work bag, etc. It will get a ton of use and I won't feel guilty about the $$ I spent on it.

    LV's bags I already own...
    *BV, which I'm thinking of selling or giving to my sister. It's pretty worn in (I bought it pre-owned from eBay), and I would like a new LV tote. The neverfull would replace this.
    *Regular batignolles, which serves as my handbag for nights out on the town or times when I don't need to carry much. I don't carry small handbags too much nowadays since I had the baby.
    *Mono pochette croissant. Another bag I use for when I don't need to carry much.

    Should I buy the classic, but smaller handbag that I will use for many years to come, or do I buy the bag that will get a ton of use for the next couple of years?

    And you guys, although I wish this were the case, buying both is not an option right now. :graucho:
  2. I would say go for the Neverfull MM!!! You can use it for toting around your kids stuff AND you can then make the Neverfull MM narrower by drawing in the leather strings (or clip it) and then it will be a "smaller" purse for when you're just carrying your own things.

    The Damier Speedy 25 is a cute purse, but I think the size might be a bit too small unless you consider going for a Damier Speedy 30 instead..... (you could also buy a strap for the Speedy to sling it over your shoulder to keep your hands free!)
  3. Neverfull Mm
  4. Congrats on the new baby! I suggest the Neverfull MM since it sounds like what you need the most right now ... besides a baby sitter, LOL!
  5. Touch choice. I love my damier 25, but the neverful is next on my list. I vote the neverful only because of how much use you'll get out of it toting it around.
  6. i love the neverfull mm..i have the gm and now i want the mm bc i love it so much!!
  7. congrats on ur baby! they're the best. i think u should get a neverfull since u will be toting a lot of things now and it will leave u hands free. that is what i did! i love it too :biggrin:
  8. Congratulations on your baby! I'd say get the neverfull. You can get the speedy down the road.
  9. I think the Neverfull would suit you for your needs, but it were up to my I would get the Damier Speedy! :yes:
  10. You guys are right! Even though the practical side of me says I should get the neverfull, which is an awesome bag, I'm also so in love with the damier speedy and I can't stop obsessing over it. The speedy would get a lot of use eventually, just not now with the baby and all. Thanks for your input!!