LV Store Charged MY CC On A WL Item~>,<

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  1. Hiya,

    Never wait listed for an item before but I actually WL at two boutiques for the WC Speedy with my cc info. Long story short, I ended up buying mine from Ebay, but when one boutique called me and left me a msg, I never returned it(another long story here but I did return call, then they say they didn't call...sigh). I'm not sure if it's standard protocol that they charge it and give you 24hrs to go pick up, but I got charged for it on my DHs CC and I didn't know until my DH asked me about it after he'd paid the bill. I was a bit confused, not knowing what that charge could be, so I called LV and they of course asked the SA(not my regular one) to call me back regarding this charge. She did in the end refund me(well, I wouldn't know yet until cc company gets back to me), but without so much as an apology:rolleyes: Shouldn't they know that the I never got the item? Never signed for it? That it's still there? I dunno:shrugs: Any similar experiences?? If DH never brought it up to me, and I never thought to question, they'd just have made $1380~:nuts:
  2. Sorry that happened minismurf04. Some boutiques do charge your card for waitlist items once they get them. But there was definitely a huge :wtf: mix-up since you got charged for an item they never even sent you. Any sort of mistakes can happen (& I'm glad that they refunded you) but the fact that there was no apology makes this absolutely unacceptable (bad cs is one thing, credit fraud is another, lol).
    I would call 866VUITTON and write a letter to corporate as well--just to explain matter of factly what happened. I think they would find it helpful to know about the incompetence and bad customer service that happens at times (and it would give them another chance to make things up to customers).
  3. My local LV boutiques allow you to waitlist without putting down a CC number, but they do make it very clear that if you do give them your CC number, it will bump you up on the waitlist. When whatever item in question arrives at the boutique, they give priority to the people that have given their CC info and ring them up immediately. They then leave a message so that you can come pick up the bag. This is how my local boutiques here in Hawaii do it.

    It does sound like there may have been a mixup, although it wouldn't surprise me if they charged you for it because they thought you were serious about buying it (which is why you gave them your CC info to begin with). They may have just been waiting for you to pick it up. I know that the boutiques here will charge your CC as soon as the bag arrives, then wait for you to pick it up. That way, it guarantees that you get the bag. Remember, SA's are looking for the immediate and guaranteed sale. They would rather sell a bag to someone that has already given them their CC info rather than reserve a bag for someone on the waitlist that did NOT give any CC info.
  4. they should've tried calling again until they reached you. I would bring it up to my SA and let them know I was VERY unhappy about the situation.
  5. my boutique always charges my CC for items I've waitlisted for come in...always.
  6. sounds like it might've been a mix up at the store. when they called you and left a msg, did they say that your item was in? if not, they should've notified you directly that it was there and that the CC was charged.

    the store i shop at, if you give your CC number, its pretty much a sign that you're very serious about acquiring the item. also there really isn't a time limit for them to hold the item if your card is charged. only if you're on waitlist without a CC, will the store give you a 24 hr. window to pick up the item.

    just out of curiosity, why didn't you call both stores to let them know you changed your mind (since you got yours from ebay)?
  7. Yea, I was told if I give my cc they would bump me, but not told that it would be charged immediately when bag comes in. The msg on my phone says it came in but didn't say anything about charging my cc, and so when I called back, gave them my name and said I got a msg for a wl item, they said no one had called, to which I insisted they ck, and then they returned from cking with other SAs and saying again "no one had called". So I let it go..

    The thing is that I don't think they knew at all that I never got the bag, and I don't think this SA even knew what happened since she didn't bother to call me again to tell me that she charged me. I think this SA is new too..haven't seen her before.

    It's really no biggie, I think from your experiences, they do charge but atleast they would call more than once to remind you to pick up if they'd charged it. It seems like this SA just "forgot?" I don't think I'll complain..I still Love LV and it's just one SA.
    Btw, I just happened to talk to a guy friend of mine last nite who waitlisted at the same boutique, and he says he wasn't charged..but I dunno if he had called them back since he says he cked with his wife and she didn't want it.

    Caley: One store I did get it and they charged me AFTER I'd gone in and taken it. Then I returned it b/c it was too big. So I tried looking for a 30 on Ebay and since I wasn't sure if I was going to find one, and the 2nd store hadn't called, so of course I didn't want to call to cancel just yet.
  8. Do you know if they still have the bag they charged you for? Which boutique was it? I've been looking everywhere for the brown WC w/no luck. The manager at the store I shop at has even been calling all of the stores that are showing they have one available(only 12 in the country) & so far all have said they didn't have it. I think some are still holding the bag for the people who waitlisted for it & have not yet picked it up or let them know if they want the bag or not.
  9. Preciousp: I don't think they have it...I think my boutique charged me and then sold the bag. That's how it feels because they didn't know they charged me, and they didn't have the bag either~ well, atleast that's the idea when I called to get a refund~
  10. Thanks anyway, they really should be more careful. Luckily you didn't want the bag, since they didn't even call to tell you they had it. I would have been really upset if my card was charged & they didn't even have the bag!!!
  11. thanks for clarifying minismurf! they really should have been on top of things and be much more clear what their intent was in regards to the waitlist. i wonder if the SA you dealt with was new. regardless, they should have been more thorough with your just seems really sloppy and unprofessional on their part.