LV STOLEN from the Store Following Kanye Wests 30th Birthday Party

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  1. "Kanye had his 30th b-day party at the Louis Vuitton store in Saks 5th Ave in NY. But now word has it that about $30,000 worth of merchandise is missing. All kinds of celebs and other folks were up in the party so nobody has any idea who had the 5 finger discount. It's either coming out of LV spokesman Pharell's paycheck since he was there....or Kanye is about to have to put up the 30 g's. Damn folks can't never have a party with nice sh*t around..."

    I dont know if this is old news but I just thought I would post it.
  2. I am not surprised... I won't tell you the reasons why... maybe it was someone from the entourage(s) or the (subcontracted) staff working at the party.
  3. They must have video camera within the store?!? :push:
  4. And the source of this article was from?
  5. Honestly, it could have been anyone including the celebs. Just because they are rich doesn't mean they're not above stealing. You can't assume it could only be the staff. Celebs have been known to take clothing and other items from photo shoots.
  6. Good Lord,
    When I was in that store last month, you couldn't look 2 feet away without some security person nearby....not to mention the 007 spy cameras that are hidden in places you would never imagine...this store has some incredible items, just perusing the jewelry & watch section gets you drooling, so I'm surprised that 30K worth of LV goods has miraculously vaporized into thin air...

    But I'm sure someone will take the fall, whether or not it's an employee doing an inside job or one of the "guest" during this event, it's probably on video somewhere...

    What baffles me is that Vuitton would rent out it's space for a birthday party if it didn't involve some sort of hidden sales promo....C'mon, LV, maintain your reputation and in the future be a little more selective to the "events" you permit in your boutiques !!!!
  7. Totally agree!
  8. I completely agree.
  9. HA another way to keep the Kanye name in the press! That boy needs attention 24-7!
  10. Completely agree!!!!!
  11. Too funny! I love LV, but why would you want a party there :shrugs:
  12. Who does that? Whatever! And yes, why in the hell would LV let someone have a party in their store???
  13. They should've know better to let celebs loose around expensive things.
  14. why would anyone want to have a party there and why LV allow such an event?
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