LV Stockings release date?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I :drool:saw these in the Fall/Winter'08 thread and must have them!!! (hopefully I can get the LVs as straight as the model's, LOL!) Does anyone know if and when they are coming out? Also an estimate on price? Thanks!

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  2. it's too early to know anything right now but I love them too fingers crossed
  3. Thanks Label!! I had a feeling it was a little early to be asking but just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. ;)
  4. ooh, it is so cool. I want it.
  5. Very cute, I'd be worried that one snag and they'd be ruined though :crybaby:
  6. Hot stockings! Is this the first collection since that one with Jennifer Lopez a few seasons ago with stockings?
  7. Those are really cute. I'd be too afraid of snagging them on something.
  8. Agree that the stockings are very lovely! :yes:
  9. Loving them - but I wouold prob. only get one wear out of them. As I tend to get a run in every pair I own. That would be costly for one wear!
  10. I love them - but couldn't justify the purchase as I would put my nail through them on the first wear.:Push: