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  1. Hi, I originally posted this agenda in the "authenticate this" thread, but I'm still wondering if it's normal for LV to have uneven stitching as in the 1st agenda pic (which kinda scared me at first thinking that it's fake....but apparently it's real). What are you experiences?
  2. Here's a pic of a black MC agenda that I found on eBay... hope this helps?

  3. Its badly stitched
    I think its authentic but a poor craftsmanship
  4. It looks like a couple stiches had gotten pulled..that tends to happen with smaller pieces I've seen, once they've been carried in bags with a lot of other things like keys, etc.

  5. Funny now that i look at my agenda the top stitching is like yours.
    HTH :smile:
    IMG_4742.jpg IMG_4743.jpg
  6. I'm closing this as we do not allow duplicates, please only post your question once ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.