LV stitching is falling apart!!

  1. My cherise pochette's stitching is falling apart... the part where the stitching is holding the fold of the handle. Does anyone know if i can go to a local LV boutique to get it fixed?? how much would it cost? TIA. :sad:
  2. It depends on how bad it is.
    I took my MC belt to the flagship store in NYC b/c it was becoming apart (ungluing) and the SA said it made no sense to re-glue it as it'll just come apart again, so she said the best option was to have it stitched.
    I wasn't charged.
  3. thanks jojo_lv_lover
  4. The same thing happened to my daughter's pochette - but it was only 1 week old so we returned it for a new one. I hope they don't charge you to fix it. :smile:
  5. I think I have heard about this happening before with the Pochettes. I would head back to LV and show them what is happening and see what they can do for you. DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself!

    Hope that it all works out with your Pochette :flowers:
  6. Bring it to LV and see what they say, hope it will turn out fine!
  7. as everybody says don't mess with the bag, just go to lv!
  8. Thank you for everyone's input...i think i tied it back myself but I didn't do anything major. I will head to LV asap when i get a chance.
  9. Defianetly take it to your local LV boutique. They should repair it free of charge. Good luck
  10. hope it gets fixed, they should do it for free.
  11. ohhh I have this same thing happening with mine. Everyone seemed to think they didn't make glued-only belts in MC when I posted about it here but they do! lol.
    How long ago was it? How long had you had it?
    Mine is a 2004 belt so it's old and I'm afraid they'll charge me. :confused1:
  12. If you altered it at all by stitching it, they will refuse to fix it. So that is why everyone is telling you not to try anything yourself. LV won't touch a bag if it has been messed with, even if it is a quality issue. Your warranty is voided entirely.
  13. yea you should just take it in. I hope they don't charge you for it though.
  14. Sorry to hear that is happening to you. Like everyone else here has said, bring it in to the store and see what they say.