LV Stephen

  1. what do you all think about it? I love it with and w/o the shoulder strap.
  2. it's cute, but i personally like my mono stephen b/c it's more classic and subject to less trendy factors such as metalic gold and animal prints that could be 'OUT' after the trend fades. JMO
  3. I love that bag; however, I would have to agree w/ Classic Chic in regards to the trend. Also, I have seen an Adele w/ bald spots and was told by the repair manager that it could not be fixed....
  4. I like the embossed stephen and Leopard stephen which you have. As for the strap, yes, I like it WITH the strap:yes: Even if you don't use it, I find that it adds a very cool accessorizing touch to the bag. Btw, nice doggie carrier :drool:
  5. ohhh the Embossed Ivorie is sooo pretty too! But I :heart: Stephen in all materials
  6. I love the style, it's so different and cute...and I like it with the strap because the tortise shell links are adorable. :heart:
  7. I love the Stephen, whether it's the embossed, leopard, or the mono. Looks good with or without the strap.
  8. I currently have the regular mono stephen. Not really in to animal prints. But I'm sure you can rock that bag:rochard: .
  9. It's cute but I prefer mono
  10. its pretty, i prefer the mono, i would be scared with the gold handles!
  11. I love it :love:
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool:
    I saw this bag a few weeks ago in LV, I was itching for it, but was told no because i've been crazy in the last few weeks with lv stuff and chose to redo my bathroom.. ARGH!:cursing: What was I thinking?

    Congrat's, its a beautiful bag.

  13. I love it in leopard - doesn't care much for the one in mono though.
  14. i love it, but that adorable dog carrier is really catching my eye!
  15. I love it! :love: It's very pretty