LV: Status Symbol or Really Beautiful Handbags?

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  1. Had this discussion with my SO today. He seems to think the LV is one of the ugliest handbags (Monogram and Damier) out and thinks the only reason women buy their logo items is for the status or liestyle having one on your arm implies. :huh: What do you think...honestly? I, myself, am not into logos so I'd prefer their all leather handbags moreso than the handbags with their logo. :smile:
  2. It is both :biggrin:
  3. Your SO is entitled to his opinion as to ugly vs. beautiful, but he can't possibly read the minds of everyone out there who is wearing LV (or even one of them for that matter). LV wouldn't be the biggest brand in the World if it didn't produce beautiful bags.
  4. My first Vuitton purse was an Black Epi Pochette. I loved the shape and workmanship of the purse, and for me, it had nothing to do with status or the ability to own a designer handbag. I honestly stayed away from anything Monogram because it is so recognizable until I found the Pochette Croissant (discontinued now) that I really liked and looked good on me. So I guess for me, the answer would be: it is a really beautiful handbag.
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Yeah, the Epi was my first as well...although purchased long ago...I love it!
  7. There's something about the deep patina of the vachetta against the brown monogram that is so beautiful. I guess the monogram canvas is more status, tho I much prefer seeing more vachetta. It's just so beautiful.
  8. It is probably both but really with so many fakes I think its more towards a well made bag.

    Also tell him to look at my car isn't she a beauty!!!
  9. Sorry to your SO, but i love my damier nf simply because it's the most functional bag i have in my collection...

    also...lines like suhali are less known but soooo highly sought after because they're beautiful bags :smile:
  10. Beauty and Quality, with quality being the main factor.
  11. Almost no one here knows what LV or any other brands are, they are just another $10 bag to them so status symbol won't work here.

    My LVs are really beautiful though :love:
  12. for me it is the quality first, then status. in fact, i got a damier ebene patterned handbag recently precisely because i want to carry a quality bag without showing it off. yes, i agree that initially not only my husband, but i too, thought it was ugly until i realized the quality..:smile:
  13. My first bag was for status, I have to admit, but I was 11! Now I buy them because they are so well made--and I love the looks I get! :biggrin:
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    As much as I love LV, I can also see why someone could perceive them (well some of them) as "ugly". To be honest, I don't think they are really "beautiful" (especially Mono or Damier styles). Honestly, say look at the Neverful, is it beautiful? No, not at all! But its practical, stylish and will not go out of fashion. I think the key description is that LV produces classic styles that don't date along with the high quality you would expect for the price of the items. Not "really beautiful handbags" though.

    As for being a status symbol; well I say yes they are! (Well not for me personally but for many others). Think of all the fakes around - if LV wasn't a status symbol then people wouldn't be interested to buy fakes. People don't buy fakes for the "beauty" or the "quality" :amuse: they buy them cause they want everyone else to think they have a "real" LV bag!
  15. probably both