LV Stamped, Limited Edition?

  1. I just purchased a LV Stamped Bag PM in Cacao today, completely on impulse. Saw the advertisement in VanityFair and then marched right to Fairfax Square and bought it. But one thing that struck me was that my sales representative told me that these bags were limited edition. She said that they only received one bag and that Neiman Marcus only received one - along with every other major Louis Vutton carrier. I'm sure she wouldn't lie to me, but has anyone else heard differently? Because I went to Louis Vuitton's website and it's simply listed under their PreFall Catalog.
  2. I haven't heard anything about these bags, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  3. I love these bags! so hot! I may get one too....
  4. Haha. Then you better get it soon! If the Limited Edition scenario wasn't false, they should be selling out pretty fast. And it better be limited edition, as that was one of the things that sealed the deal for me.
  5. Why does it say Made in Spain on the inside?
  6. ^...because that's where it was made. Not all LV bags are made in france.
  7. ooh... can u show us the pics ? :P
  8. They are indeed a limited release ..I have seen the brown (more orange hue) ad gray IRL and decided against it due to the suede factor but it is nice style/shape bag:heart: Congrats on your new purchase.
  9. This line doesn't ring a bell for me. Maybe I've seen them and just not known it. Can you post pictures, please?
  10. I love that line :love: , congrats and please post a pic
  11. What do they look like/??
  12. Let-Trade has one on his website in grey. Its a really cool bag, but I have a rule, no suede bags for me. It is limited edition, I say keep it. Post some pictures too!!
  13. This one celebrity, can't think of her name carried a stamped bag to the womens s/s show for LV... lucky her getting one SUPER early!

    Gorgeous bag though! I bought the vanity fair just for the ad!
  14. I have never seen it before.
    Would you mind posting some pictures?:shame:
  15. Wow.... post some pics please...