Lv Stamped Collection

  1. Reminds me of the Cruise Globe Trotter bags (because of the STAMP)

    The GM also comes in Brown but I do not have a picture of it!

    Both are over $2k USD
  2. I love them.

    Edited to say - How big are they? Are they more for traveling?
  3. $1600 Euros for GM
    $1300 Euros for PM
  4. Thank you for posting the pics, Matt! LOVE them!!!:love: :love: :love:
  5. Thanks for posting! They are totally gorgeous, although they would appeal to me alot more if they were in slightly more feminine colours!
  6. That's suprisingly cheap for Suede and Crocodile...

    here's a size comparison for the PM...

  7. When, when, when do these bags come out????? That PM brown bag is my NEXT bag!!!!!!! I love them!! So, different and incredible looking!!!!
  8. Thank you for the pic! That really help put it in perspective.
  9. OMG...I love them ...drrroooolllll..more info pleaseeeeeeeee
  10. MY guess is the fall/winter
  11. I'm not really a fan.. they just look kind of like my car mats !
  12. i think they are cute
  13. There's something about that stamp that I :heart: . I would buy that just to add to my collection. I would definately carry it too but I really want a shoulder bag.
  14. they are very cute!. I love the brown one!
  15. They look great, wonder how the suede will hold up on those bags.