LV stamped bag

  1. What do you think about it?

    It's rare the suede in LV bags...

    I's also the first LV bowling bag....

    and this is the year of the grey colour...
    I like them, in particular the grey PM:yes:

    I would know your ideas!


  2. I'm with you, stephanie! I love the grey!
  3. I actually like the red version better IRL......seen them both,The Gm is WAY too big for a hand held bag for me..I liked the PM...
  4. I like them..the brown one is my favorite.
  5. I worry about carrying suede, but I love these bags!
  6. I don´t particularily like suede but the design of the stamped bag is beautiful
  7. It is a cute bag, but the suede scares me off.
  8. The bag is really cool in grey!
    I think it's really cool that LV is using suede instead of leather...
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line! Esp. the grey... I have yet to see them in person though. I really think it is about time to make a trip to LV.
  10. They look fabulous on pics - sadly haven't seen any irl yet. I like the look of the brown, it would be the perfect fall bag...
  11. i am with you too stephanie. i like the grey pm. =)
  12. I wonder why they don't list them on Eluxury... How much are they?
  13. I think they're dramatically different when seen from true than from pictures (please correct me if I write wrong:shame: ... thanks!:flowers: )...

    From true are even better!

  14. I have seen both the brown (more orange hue) and gray pm IRL and the style is stunning but I didn't purchase it due to the suede. I loved the gray:love:
  15. Does anyone know how much the pm is? I'm going to LV next week and I am hoping I don't fall in love again when I see it IRL. :nuts: