LV Stamped Bag

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  1. I just saw this today in my Sept. issue of Instyle and I can't stop thinking about it. Does anyone have this bag yet? Does anyone know how much it retails for in Canada? TIA :smile:
  2. it's $1990 for the small size and $2450 for the large size
  3. I looked at the pm in brown & gray and it was a stunning bag BUT I passed on it due to the issue of caring for the suede. I really liked the shape of the bag:heart:
  4. My sister just bought it in brown - its more rust/bordeaux with black patent - the hardware is gorgeous - like any LV. It looks very nice when carried.
  5. To be honest, I've seen it in person in each color and size and it just doesn't do anything for me..
    but then again, that's probably a good thing. ;)
  6. Since we are on the subject of this bag! haha.

    The last I checked there was 3 in the smaller size in the Auburn color and that is nationwide.

    I honestly do not have a preference for this style either.
  7. I love this style. I want to get one but I've to take care of my expenses now since my birkins are coming.