LV Stamped Bag

  1. what do u ladies think about this new pre-fall LV bag?? :girlsigh: which color is nicer? (
    DSC00030.JPG DSC00031.JPG
  2. Hmmm... I would have to see it IRL. Right now, it's not rubbing off on me.
  3. I like it! But, the handles and the bottom part seem cheap to me. I think it's the plastic-y feel of it.
  4. the handles are crocodile leather :smile: but blame it on the picture quality.. check it out on website!
  5. I don' t like them. But again I might change my mind once I see them in person.
  6. Looks like an actual bowling bag. :huh:
  7. I saw this bag at the boutique yesterday!! I saw the grey one, they didn't have the burgandy one yet. It is very nice IRL. It's a little bit busy though, the handles and suede and leather and golden circles going on, is nice, but after looking at it for a few minutes, I just thought it was a little busy.
  8. I think Michelle saw them at her boutique the other day and was able to feel the bag IRL.
    As for me, I'm not really's not one of my favorites. :oh:
  9. I am not a fan of suede bags!:sad: Why can't they make it out of leather?:crybaby:
  10. Yah, that I did. My SA showed it to me when I bought my Damier Speedy. The handles are not crocodile. If they were they would retail for way more. I think they are just calf STAMPED crocodile. It feels like plastic to me.
  11. I saw these last week and the handles are calf skin with a croc print (very similar to my mono vienna bag). I prefer the gray to the brown...I liked the style but am going to get the new suhali bag instead:heart:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. They're not my favorite, but I like them better than the canvas travellers. That one looked way too much like a beach bag to me.
  14. thats the only reason i'm hesitant to buy the bag.. i'm not a fan of suede bags either! :sad: but i hope i dont regret my decision not to buy it!
  15. It's cute, but I can't see myself actually using it!