LV Stamped bag & Returns

  1. I called the LV store closest to my house to see if they had any LV Stamped PM or GM bags. They told me that a lady was returning her PM because she wanted the bigger GM and it would be in any day. I believe it costs $1800. She said it would sell quick though. I ended up giving her my cc by phone because I didn't want to lose the bag. I'm such a sucker but I couldn't find it online and I really want it. Although I've never actually seen it in person, just in pictures. Now I'm worried about buying a bag that has been returned. I've never returned any of mine before. You don't think it will show any wear, do you? I'm assuming she never used it. I never return anything anywhere. I just don't like to deal with it. I usually just give it to my sisters. So if for some reason I don't like the LV Stamped PM, I would be allowed to return it and choose something else? I am impulse buyer so I usually just walk in and say, "i want that one" and pay for it and leave. Otherwise I would drive myself crazy second guessing my decision.
  2. LV will not except the return unless in saleable condition. I think you should be ok, make sure you check the bag really well when you pick it up. If you don't like it, you can always cancel it..congrats in advance..welcome to PF..
  3. Welcome!

    Which is the stamp bag again?
  4. Is it Cocoa or gray? I love the bag, but not the suede!
    I think you are safe buying it from LV, they do not resale damaged bags.
  5. Well I picked up my bag on Tuesday and it was in perfect condition. I love it. I just wish they made a wallet to match. The sales lady was so nice. She offered to deliver the bag to my house since she lives in the same area. My husband didn't think it was a very good ideal though so I went and picked it up myself. Anyway, thanks for the friendly welcome and for the help.
  6. Will you be posting pics? I'd love to see this bag in real pics (not the magazines prop pics) and worn. Congratulations on your new bag!
  7. Sure! I'll try to take a pic some time this weekeend.Thanks!
  8. Congrats on your great find. Can't wait to see the pics!!!