LV St Germain PM or YSL medium college ! HELP!!!

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  1. Hello lovely ladies, so I've been lurking around here for a while now, loving AL the gorgeous bags :smile:
    I need some help! I have been debating between lv St Germain PM in dune vs ysl medium college bag.and believe me it's driving me crazy.
    While the golden chains and empreinte leather of St Germain is to die for and of course it's a classic style.
    The ysl college bag's hand held option and convenient large back pocket is a big plus.
    Cons: the lock on St Germain seems a bit cumbersome to open and c!ose when especially you are in a hurry. No hnd held option.
    Ysl bag is edgey and casual , the leather seems more slouchy and I think won't hold shape after a while.
    So, help me with my dilemma .
  2. Here's a pic of ysl college bag

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  3. No one to help :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::sad::sad::sad:
  4. St Germain! It's classic and really pretty, leather is really durable as well
  5. Thanks :smile:,
  6. Please ladies, do share your thoughts / experiences with both :thinking:
  7. Oh I haven´t seen the ysl before, it´s really pretty! A tough choice!
    I would say if you want a beige bag than go with St Germain dune and GHW.
    I don´t like the ysl beige with SHW. For the ysl I would choose black.
  8. Thanks for replying
    I also wanted St Germain in dune initially but ysl's functionality really draws me more towards it. For ysl I was eyeing the being or blue one.
  9. St Germain PM. Love black and gold hardware. I don't like handle top bag with shoulder strap, YSL College.
  10. :smile:
  11. I like both, so think it depends on what kind of bag your are looking for. The LV is more dressy and the YSL is more street smart. I would think the LV will hold up better, i have seen some College very out of shape, and i have actually not seen that many of them.
  12. I love St Germain and I don't care for the silver hardware on the YSL.
  13. I think Saint Germain is a beautiful bag. Even the PM is a great size and the chains and hardware are very substantial. I think it's able to dressed up or down and it's beautiful in every color. The combo you're contemplating is gorgeous, in my opinion.
  14. Thanks ladies! St Germain's golden hardware and empreinte leather combo looks so exclusive.
    It's SLock however is a bit cumbersome.
  15. I might be the minority here, but I vote YSL college bag. It's a) Gorgeous!! b)fits a pretry good amount of stuff c) can be dressed up or down and d) has the style and lines of a classic bag that will be an investment, but also has a contemporary cool look to it.

    Paired with skinnies and converse or a LBD, leathet jacket and heels...either way the YSL college will amp up your outfit in the best possible way.

    So after that schpeel I think you can guess I am kinda sorts little bit in love with the YSL college ;)