LV SS 2019

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  1. Oh I really like the vernis
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    Yes, I took pictures of all bags available in the store, only kidding! :cool:
    IMG_20190207_164922.jpg IMG_20190207_164911.jpg IMG_20190207_164818.jpg IMG_20190207_164805.jpg IMG_20190207_164750_1.jpg IMG_20190207_164736.jpg IMG_20190207_164726.jpg IMG_20190207_164721.jpg IMG_20190207_164644.jpg IMG_20190207_164553.jpg
  3. Me too, but it is stiff and small for THAT price... My phone Pixel 2 XL fits just right. Can imagine an extra liptick, few CC, but that's it. The opening will after some time decelop cracks, so even though I love the shape & idea of the bag, it is a No. Pity.
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  4. I agree, I looked up the dimensions and sadly it's too small for my phone.
  5. Few add ons. I love the branded china set, haha! Catogram still available...I was very surprised(more expensive and least practical pieces IMHO)
    IMG_20190207_171422_1.jpg IMG_20190207_165839.jpg IMG_20190207_164547.jpg IMG_20190207_164538.jpg IMG_20190207_164320.jpg IMG_20190207_164302.jpg IMG_20190207_164305.jpg
  6. Thank you for sharing all these pictures!
    Are they bringing the Neo Vivienne back???
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  7. Thank you very much Andrea, I always appreciate your beautiful pics :smile:
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  8. What is the sku for the speedy 30 in the Giant reverse monogram?
  9. There are two. Look on page 60 of this thread.
  10. I don't think it ever went away. Still add to shopping bag on the Aussie site. So beautiful.
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  11. In Europe it was discontinued. I asked in different boutiques and called cs. However, I always asked about black. I really hope they bring it back.
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  12. Good Morning, may I ask you which LV you were at?
    It looks like the Neo Vivienne in Framboise is on the table in the first picture?
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  13. Is the Vivienne back? If so I'm an happy woman!
    I missed out on it sone years ago, and still kicking myself!
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  14. Is this release in March? Thanks!