LV SS 2019

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  2. Does anyone know how much the mini pochette will be and if it's olive green all the way around or if it has another color on the back or sides? I also noticed it doesn't show a chain on the picture... is it only a clip for this collection?Thanks so much!
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  3. I believe the back is different and has a beige monogram. It’s called the micro pochette I believe; smaller than the mini, but slightly larger than a cles, which might be why it has a clip and not a chain.
  4. Do you happen to know the price on this and if it is coming to the US? Also.. are the sides also a different color?
    I really appreciate the help :smile:
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  5. The sides are white and black monogram. Don't have a US price, but I believe it's €255 for an idea. Hoping it comes to the US.
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  6. Thanks... wonder if anyone has any pictures of all the different sides?... sounds very interesting :smile:
  7. I believe this is the other side and you can kind of see the sides (from dlouisvdotcom's instagram):
  8. You are amazing!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your time and knowledge. Thanks :smile: I really love this :smile:
    Do you know if this can be pre-ordered now with our CAs?
  9. Happy to help! I really like the piece too, so am hoping to get one as well. I sent the SKU to my CA for it, but didn't actually place a pre-order, so not too sure. It doesn't hurt to ask though.
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  10. The mini Pochette M67579 is $375 USD. It comes with 1 chain with hook (similar to the Cles) and measures 11 x 7 x 2 CM or 4.3 x 2.8 x .8 inches. The colorway in French is blanc/kaki. You can pre-order this item with your CA.
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  11. Thanks for the info do you happen to know if it comes in any other color combinations?
  12. Thanks for this information
  13. Eye candy - Valentine's Day + Accessories
    IMG_20190207_171609.jpg IMG_20190207_171603.jpg IMG_20190207_170828.jpg IMG_20190207_165806.jpg IMG_20190207_171201.jpg IMG_20190207_164342.jpg IMG_20190207_164450.jpg IMG_20190207_164911.jpg IMG_20190207_165507.jpg IMG_20190207_165446.jpg
  14. Eye candy - new cutie...comback of vernis, I like it!
    IMG_20190207_164532.jpg IMG_20190207_165128.jpg IMG_20190207_170907.jpg IMG_20190207_171349_1.jpg IMG_20190207_171342_1.jpg IMG_20190207_171338.jpg IMG_20190207_171013.jpg IMG_20190207_170929.jpg
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    Even more Eye candy :biggrin::angel:
    Combination of vernis and epi is fantastic! (Last photo)
    IMG_20190207_165846.jpg IMG_20190207_165708.jpg IMG_20190207_165701.jpg IMG_20190207_165652.jpg IMG_20190207_165647.jpg IMG_20190207_165642.jpg IMG_20190207_165012.jpg IMG_20190207_165020.jpg IMG_20190207_165005.jpg IMG_20190207_164939.jpg