LV SS 2019

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  1. Why hasn't anyone started thos thread yet? It is tomorrow!!!!
    Futuristic theme.... Where are you? @fabuleux @Redenkeew
  2. mine is on its way. Hopefully tomorrow they will arrive.
  3. Here are some screenshots I took from the show
    E08C0CE8-4C65-4DCC-A4D0-022677CBD69D.png 6C655A95-9859-4742-86CB-F578630236C3.png 4A14406D-6F04-4082-B549-747C9959AFD2.png 71ABDBD0-6A01-40E4-A772-642FF56ED670.png 335FE558-6626-44BE-BFC0-CA4B2C756B1A.png BA9F82E0-2D4D-45AB-80D7-ED0D2DDD72B4.png 6105ABAC-82A1-421E-BC1D-CCE2E40ABFC5.png C6C2EAE5-FED0-4B56-80DE-4FE885F0A145.png 97F4EEAC-9E9D-4167-84D0-5C9657BF04FF.png 6C142C1D-29C8-464B-857F-B91453B4FAEA.png
  4. E0190404-6058-47EA-B8AF-6BCF1479AB5B.png 5EE8C2A2-0D81-4AD6-BDB0-C6DEAFA5F3B4.png 5970028C-F3A2-4128-9AA5-54AC06351D40.png AE574F5F-086A-44EB-B67C-D8C430F8E1E1.png 05206550-0717-44E0-87EA-64668D0CDFC5.png E7B7C9D8-F1B5-424C-9414-E084FA8A53F4.png ECC9DBCA-E81C-48FB-AD5D-2B1726D2F675.png 56C37C3B-795F-4E8D-854F-BBA8AC7E5447.png 0AF3322A-B18B-4ACC-B591-CCB03D3005A4.png 7706FCBB-95C9-46AE-9A24-587D4F15D6E2.png
  5. 5D91C81D-9E99-4CDA-A538-F4EEA003C62A.png 0C851F3B-2FD2-400E-AA95-CEA97D29BB4E.png B46EBE31-4A8C-4545-920A-822A3863673B.png 04530DF0-2424-426D-ADB7-388115F7B53D.png CF5A0EC2-B8C5-4F6A-A986-3A3E124AF55B.png F65BE972-D93A-449E-B6B2-5D2D26E50ECF.png C0814FCD-90AC-4244-B689-AE475DDC5F29.png 4D5D1893-6507-4E09-AD07-BD5FF0F0F29D.png 5E580824-A820-49C1-BF19-B0B334E45AE4.png 66CB5FAB-9DEC-4AFC-9078-A519EDA00169.png
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  6. 40073925-D73E-4547-A91B-685ED4AF9362.png 4246FCB3-DE4C-49D0-92D5-C51C13C67E60.png CE68FBEC-8988-46EF-991D-3FB15764A133.png C4C4791D-DD3B-4698-A5E7-111148B2CD44.png
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  7. Futuristic or back to the 80's/90's?
  8. Thank you very much @Emsidee because it was so fast to me:eek:
  9. I loved it.

    I see originality instead of revisiting and reinventing the classic.
  10. A couple of handbags and booties are really cute, but for the rest my wallet is happily saving ;)
  11. Couldn’t agree more. A teal, egg shaped bag - be still my beating heart.

    Plus nice to see vibrant colours for a summer collection too. Can’t wait to see how it is released in more wearable designs.
  12. Beautiful RTW and styling love the teal too.
    Bravo NG:heart:
  13. Love love love the teal bag!!!!!
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  14. You know I love my teal.
  15. Ghesquière gets better every season!
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