LV SS 2007 Runway HandBags

I'm so glad I'm not lovin any of those bags, the laundry bag is awful, one of the others looks like a junk magnet!!! the blue one looks like a rough copy of birkin but with cheap looking buttons and spray paint. phew my wallet is safe for a while yet!
They should FIRE the designer and quit the clowning around. Call me a party pooper and old fashioned but I think they should quit trying to see how far fecthed that they can reach with these crazy designs lately and concentrate on the "traditional" lines and maybe then they can stop with so many price increases in a year. I am partial to the mono line and starting to like damier. Epi and Vernis are nice too but beyond that, the other designs are ugly and too "trendy" IMO.
Lol..yeah the only things I like from the upcoming items are the heart coin purse and the LVOE totes. Other than that, everything else will be way too gaudy and way too expensive for me. I wouldn't pay that much for those plastic plaid totes and those weird patchwork bags. Who wants a handle randomly placed on the bag somewhere? :lol: