Lv Sprouse Resort Scarf Pix!

  1. LV did a tribute sprouse scarf for resort 07 in black/gray and red/acqua. here are pix of red/aqua one tied as a halter. it can also be worn as a scarf , head wrap or pareo.:heart:
    lv sprouse red.jpg lv sprouse red.2.jpg
  2. how cute. I never thought to use LV scrafs as a shirt. love it.
  3. [​IMG]

    Cripes! You look HOT!

    Totally cool way to wear an LV scarf!
  4. Ooh lala!! tres sexy!! congrats
  5. Cute- LV doesn't make a scarf large enough for me to wear as a shirt!
  6. oh that is IT! I am starting my diet today!
    Looking good! :flowers:
  7. very cute. nice stomach.
  8. you look great!!! very creative!
  9. I love it! I am envious of your skinnyness... :cursing:

    What brand are your sunnies?
  10. Sexy! Congrats!
  11. lvobsessed, addy, fashionista, blew, ethan's mom, photo, christine, and nat, thanks!:love:

    nat, thanks and sunnies are dior cannage.:supacool:
  12. nice idea! thanks for sharing!
  13. whoa!!!! that's is so hot! may I ask what kind of material it's made of??? and the price too if you don't mind? lol Thanks!!! :drool:
  14. wow that looks FABULOUS tied as a top!
    you look really amazing in it!
  15. Super sexy! Both the scarf and you.