LV Spring Trunk Shows coming to a boutique near you! and other exciting news

  1. I thought this may cheer you guys up!

    My SA called me over the weekend to invite me to a fabulous event! On Feb 20, at the Scottsdale boutique, they are having a special trunk show. Some special guy is travelling around and will have ALL OF THE NEW BAGS for spring with him for us to play with. They will NOT be for sale yet, but we will get to examine them. Couturegrl and I will definetly be there. When is this event coming to your boutique?

    Also, in unrelated news, I just called him to inquire about the heart scarf, and he told me there are some new catalog pages he got in with the new scarves and accessories coming out. I am going on Friday to see him, and *Hopefully* I can take pix of everything (new pages, any new goodies he shows me from the back). It all depends on how busy the store is. Also they got in the heart coin purses and I will check those out in real life.
  2. This is awesome news, I can't wait to see pictures!!!
  3. Im going to one on March 2!
  4. Don't suppose they're coming to Boston yet?
  5. If you are a VIP/VIC or close to your SA, they should be calling to invite you! I'm not sure if they're going east-west or west-east.
  6. the scarf is on now it's on the UK site right at the bottom of the scarf section
  7. The Houston one is tomorrow!!!! I'm anxiously awaiting to meet everyone!!! and their hot bags! :p
  8. You're so lucky John! Try to take pix if you can.
  9. I am so jealous I hope it comes to the UK **please please please fingers crossed***
  10. Sounds like fun...please don't forget the pics..
  11. Please don't forget the pics, John. Nita really needs them as well as the rest of the ppl here. :flowers:
  12. Oooo, hopefully someone will get pics so us poor people who live in a shopping desert can see them too!!:nuts:
  13. oooh! snap some pics of you can!
  14. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have one near LA..anyone know?
  15. :yahoo: Yahoo, how exciting! I wonder when ours is.....

    Michelle, Lulu, Krispin....anyone know?